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    Singapore Art Museum - SAM

    hi tete, u can find r*nt-a-d*co. I had mine for abt $360 for my church deco at the auditorium. Was very pleased with their service and deco www.r*nt-a-d* Replace '*' with 'e'.
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    Perfect Moment

    Hi Jenn, Can u pls share "Perfect Moment" with me too? [email protected] Thks!
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    Taiwan F&E

    Hi all, Need your advice. As I'm also planning for a F&E trip to Taiwan, is it cheaper to book the airline and hotels thru travel agencies or book everything on the Internet by ourselves? Appreciate it!
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    Taiwan F&E

    Hi pierced, I'm planning to go F&E at Taiwan. Could you pls share wif me yr itinerary? Here's my email: [email protected] Thks so much!
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    Any march in song with daddy

    Hi Cheryl, Could u pls share wif me "I wish I Could" to [email protected] Thks alot!
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    Angles Brought Me Here

    Hi Michelle, Could you pls share this song wif me too? [email protected] Thks so much!
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    Hi Jenn, Could u pls send me the song too? Thks alot! [email protected]
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    Singapore Art Musuem

    Hi Su-An & Wiselyn, Could u pls share wif me yr pics taken at SAM as well? [email protected] Thks so much!
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    Any Bridal Shop In JB You Want To Recommend?

    Hi ladies, I'm keen to sign up with a JB bridal shop too. Can share wif me yr package and pics too? Pei Yi with Graceful Creation Fi_Fi with New York Classic Ribbons with Valentine Bridal Moo with Venus Bridal Nett with Santiago Jenn with Printemps Little Snow with I DO...