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    Any Emcee Speech to Share?

    hi all, can any kind souls forward me a copy of their solemnisation and Emcee script (Both English and Mandarin) at [email protected]? TIA!
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    Acupuncture - Slimming??

    Hi jasmine, i just emailed you to request for your package information! Can you reply me on it?
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    My Dream Wedding

    Mine is mid jan 2012 yours?
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    My Dream Wedding

    I just realised my typo error - it's FINGERS crossed. :P Yeah, for mine as well. she wasn't proactive at all when we negotiate the package. it's was a lady at the counter that sort of talked to us (Coz we were sitting at the table just infront of the counter). She left the talking part to...
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    My Dream Wedding

    My Coordinator is Yulin. She advised me to go in the afternoon so i guess that's her plan to get me to choose the gowns, i think. She did not say what would be covered. In fact, i am the one to call her to ask when our first meeting should be since she mentioned that i would need to take my...
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    My Dream Wedding

    I'm going for my first "interview" / "discussion" next week. Any idea what will be covered? Am i expected to choose any gowns already? They have scheduled my PS in end June.