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    December 2018 brides!

    Same here. Hi 5! Wife of b3n, SH
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    WTS: Rico A Mona package

    Is it still available? Can pm me? Can pm the details ?
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    WTS: Rico A Mona package

    Is it still available? Can pm me?
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    Rico A Mona bride

    Hi tinkerella. I am keen to rent a gown from Rico. You still have the deposit? Pls pm me.
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    2017 Digio Brides

    Hi Stelleeee, congratulation! Would you mind sharing your package details and price? Can send to [email protected] I heard it’s possible to get Rico a Mona gown if buying from this Digio bridal shop as they are Sister company... Cheers, Wifey of b3n ( Sh)
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    Auspicious Wedding Dates for 2018/ 2019 needed please

    Does anyone knows the auspicious wedding dates for 2018/2019? All contacts for holistic fengshui master to share will be much appreciated.
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    Letting go: Malena Bridal Pre and actual day package

    Hello, Still available I hope, can Email your package to [email protected] Many many thanks : )
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    Malena Bridal Haute Couture Reviews

    Malena Bridal is one of the rare few package company who offers actual day photography and boast about specialising in premium gowns. My wifey can’t find their gowns catalogue online, only bit and pieces of their models in gowns (rare and few that She like). A big shout out to those who...