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    Photo camvas

    Can anyone recommend where u have ur photo canvas done?
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    Cheap lightings shop to recommend

    My fren bought all ftom n good
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    四点金 for 过大礼?

    Yah hokkien is only 2 bangles. My in laws gave me 四点金 because im their only daugjter in law. They dont mind
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    Displaying wedding photo during banquet

    Hi so u use stand from hotel too? I dunno where to keep the photo after weddinb
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    Displaying wedding photo during banquet

    Thanks! Will check with coordinator
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    Displaying wedding photo during banquet

    Would like to know if anyone blow up and displayed your photo during banquet? Where to print and buy the standee? Hotel doesnt allow deco on wall
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    Customise a table or storage

    Hi am looking for a place to customise a table. Does anyone know??
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    (2015/06) Any June 2015 brides?

    Mine 27 june too but worried about Audio n video coordination part...having live band too will be complicated
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    Bridal manicure

    Thanks !!
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    (2015) 2015 brides??

    My MUA sprayed my hair that saved me from all the trouble of dying it. But she told me my hair will look better on AD if i colour it. Effect of Spraying is different
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    Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

    Thank you for sharing. My dad was conplaining about the location :(
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    Help with sibling position in invites

    Oh i see thank you!!
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    Help with sibling position in invites

    Will the printer know how to fill in this part? Haha
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    Help with sibling position in invites

    Hi need help in filling in wedding card. My hubby is second child. He has an elder sis. I am fifth girl at home...i have 4 elder sis. After me is my youngest bro. How do we fill in?
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    When to take pre-wedding photo shoot?

    My fren n i took it 6mths before banquet. My fren used the photo in her wedding invites which is usually done 3mths before banquet and editing photo selection took 3 weeks for me so at least 6mths...
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    Banuquet dinner itinerary?

    Thanks!!! Really useful!
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    Banuquet dinner itinerary?

    Hi going to engage a string quartet for banquet. Need to know a typical when to show montage and give speech... Do you show montage followed by gatecrash or separately? Thought of getting them to start playing at 730 but mcees will be talking? 7 Reception 730 ??
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    Map for hotel

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    Map for hotel

    Thank you!