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    Hilton Hotel

    Hello Happy Chinese New Year to all! Hope all is well! It has been quite sometime that I last logged in. Was really busy for the past few months. Can someone tell me the facebook group we have for hilton brides? I would love to join too!
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    Hilton Hotel

    No duty free items are allowed.
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    Photo on the Wedding Card

    Hi I need help on photos on wedding card inserts. Can anyone email your insert with photo for viewing? Because I don't ve much ideas on the layout n design. Thanks you in advance! [email protected]
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi Abbey, for food wise, I can only say it's excellent!
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi all i just went for food tasting n it was all great! There are approx. 6 to 8 designs to choose from, can't recall exact no. of designs. I ve taken 2 photos of the card designs that we are considering. If you want, maybe u can drop me an email so I can send to you because I can't seem to...
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    Hilton Hotel

    Jean yes I second that! June is a very professional and cool manager. She is the only person that puts us at ease that's why we did not really bargain for more. Thumbs up June!!!
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    Hilton Hotel

    Whichever hotel u go u ve to ask if they provide Ang bao boxes n guest book. It's better to make a checklist of items you want n when u visit more hotels for site viewing naturally u will know what to ask for.
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    Hilton Hotel

    Sugar I think the packages may change during different roadshows. And the additional perks they throw in may differ too. Mine is the same package as Evelyn I believed, we have a $1.5k off total bill if we confirm 30tables n more. For 20 tables I think is $1k, sry I couldn't remember. Free...
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi lee family n neverwz can u share wat type of favors do they have?
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hi Sugar hmm why do u say their perks r not very gd? What other perks are you looking at? Frankly speaking,I think you can forget about negotiating cuz the package is already very comprehensive for such a 5 stars hotel n the price is reasonably a great catch! My only concern is parking...
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    Wedding shoes

    Hi I m finding a pair of 4" silver heels. Does anyone has any idea where I can find?
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    Hi can I have Mr Phang's contact n email address? Pls send to [email protected] Thanks!!
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    JP Dr Ho Nai Kiong - Anyone?

    Hi can I have his contact n email address? Pls send to [email protected] Thanks!!
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    JP - Yeo Woon Soo

    Hi can I have Mr Yeo's contact n email address? Pls send to [email protected] Thanks!!
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    JP Mr Eric Wong

    hi can i have his contact too? pls email to [email protected]
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hello wow great to see that this thread is getting more lively! We are getting the grandball room as well, green apples theme. Any of u chosen the same theme as well? I m going for my food tasting of end July. Still waiting for june's confirmation as I think she's too busy. Congrats to...
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hihi momo san so sry my actual day is on 29 oct 2011. Haha using hp to reply ya.. Maybe type too fast didn't notice it. Not choose the theme, is choose the theme decorations. Cuz we can choose the colour of the vip seats' ribbon, discuss on wat we prefer e.g for floral arrangement n reception...
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    Hilton Hotel

    Hello welcome to Hilton btb!! Wow this thread has grown more actively indeed! My ad is on 29 oct 2012. June sent me a email as promised. In it she indicates the timeline to get things done. Food tasting by 4th wk of July ( 3 mths b4 ad) Confirmation of theme deco 1hr b4 food tasting...
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    4" Wedding Shoes

    hi bluemoon, tangs having GSS issit? which brand is it?
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    Men suit

    Hi any recommendations of where to buy shirts for groom?