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    Additional Info on Housing

    oops, I did not add, for all my insurance payout, I designate husband as benefactor. Not my child. He did the same I suppose.
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    Additional Info on Housing

    me and husband went to lawyer and indicated 50/50 share of our property. Its not a HDB. But when we bought it, husband foot most of the upfront cash, and also in the beginning, his CPF is fatter than mine, so naturally he paid more for the house
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    Second hand car

    I am like you, impatient and lazy, so I do my sums online, on sgcarmart. Furthermore I was looking for a particular model which is rare and uncommon, I did many calculations to find a car with a depre I could accept. In the end after buying my car, the depre dun affect me so much. My...
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    2nd give up or not?

    whenever I hear such stories, I wonder if it would ever happen to me, Maybe it did, I just din find out. My partner is not one who is active on any chatrms, facebook.. etc He is too busy , or love his son too much to wan to spend any spare time outside. So I never suspect he would have...
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    Need help/advise.. bf in cc debt

    I mean 30 is a start. at least from my friends and peers, I see 30 for them a start right up to 45+ 30 is not the age where u earn the most, if thats what u were thinking
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    Need help/advise.. bf in cc debt

    o, to add.. if you do accept him for who he is and decide to stick by him despite his shortcomings.. when you guys finally marry, or in the process of getting some big ticket items.. house / wedding etc.. this is when the stress comes.. and u will have to really relook at the possible...
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    Need help/advise.. bf in cc debt

    I dated a guy for over 4 to 5 yrs, since 18 till 22. In my poly days, he was every girl's dream guy.. why I say so.. he projected the image of a super caring guy.. My parents love him, he was affectionate.. not too bad looking.. etc.. But unknown to all, he built up a bad habit which was...
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    Brazilian Waxing

    omg, forum is for transexuals.. but well, documented reviews
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    Brazilian Waxing

    some reviews here still considering which brand to get, but I am sure to buy one to try
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    Brazilian Waxing

    i did brazillian wax, though I dun like the pain I have to go thru I am seriously considering buying a home base IPL machine, DIY IPL.. results are slow but its not as painfull. And it gradually turns perm.. growout is not so irritating too Basically, it works like a salon based IPL...
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    Brazilian Waxing

    I went on a session with Fabulous tan.. they have brazillian wax services as well, effects are ok, I won't do it again cos I am not too keen on the "botak" look. I feel weird out and even viotlated, though I must say the therapist is a nice lady.. Its just in my head.. not used to the after...
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    Survey on how much does one have in SAVINGS?

    I currently only have 18k in my savings acct and this acct is actually my "disposable income account" so I spend from this account too. On avg I see 15k in my acct. I also have a share acct with hubby, which is for all home expenses. Approx 50k in this shared account. This is relatively little...
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    Survey on how much does one have in SAVINGS?

    Hi all, Just tot I will share this pc of info, my MIL gave me. RBN has a FD of foreign curr which promises up to 8.6% interest I have put in only 20k in NZ dollars, the FD will be locked for 1 yr, and after which u can choose to take out or leave in if the curr is low. But the FD interest...
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    Mandarin Orchard Singapore

    Hi I am due to have my AD on 24th June, at Belvedere. I have not planned out what to do? e.g? March in.. when, what time, what to plan, what to happen. Pls help. I will be having 2 emcees and a fren to sing 2 songs for us. I also have not prepared any montage or animations, dun...
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    Korea in Summer

    HI all, I am planning my HM to Korea on 27th June, after my wedding, any recommendations. Looking at SA tours as they are the only one moving. Approx 1600++ after taxes, mostly 6* 5* hotels. Jeju included.
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    Intercontinental Singapore

    Hi all, am very interested in HI as they have a grand lobby when guest walk in, and near Bugis MRT too. So convenient for guests. Like to check, has anyone has someone to sing / perform on the AD, mayb do 2 songs. Need to pay more for sound equipment? Thinking of getting a fren and my bro to...
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    Cambridge Diet 7days Challenge

    HI, thinking of trying this CD after seeing so much good testimonials, my mum takes herbal life, and wanted to force me to take.. URGH!!!!.. its so powdery, she mixes with peelfresh orange juice.. yucky!.. Is cambridge as bad? Anyone tried other meal supplement? like Herballife? I think I have...
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    Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price

    HI, I have been thinking of doing my braces, held back becos of the pain, not from extraction but from the tightening of braces every mth. And i love to eat, so after braces cannot eat as much Anyways my condition is that I have 2 tiger teeth, on my top line row of teeth. Like very...