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    Anyone has a copy of emcee speech?

    Hi can I have a copy too? [email protected] Thanks!
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    Anyone know the actual location for Alexandra Park or location that have swing on tree?

    Hi, anyone there know where's the exact location of that swing?? Please share it with me too.. Many thanks!! ^^ [email protected]
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    RELC Hotel, Tang Court Restaurant

    Hi, I'm keen in the wedding package for Tang Court, RELC. Can anyone share with me on the 2009 package details ? My email add: [email protected] Thanks!
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    Precious moments cross stitch!

    Dear all, me fairly new here. Hope this thread is still active. can i humbly request any of you to send me the below PM designs.... 1. I give you my love forever true 2. Love is from above 3. The perfect match 4. Heaven Bless Your Together 5. Love is heaven bound 6. Couple in...
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    A Yacht Wedding"

    Hi there.. |m interested to know more about the package, my email is [email protected] Thanks! Jeslynn =)