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    (2008) Brides of year 2008

    Hi gals! My AD is on 19th July and need a wedding checklist urgently. Anyone who has one can email me at [email protected]. Thanks alot!!
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    Shangri-la Hotel

    hi Christine, additional parking and extra night stay is very common. Jean increased my parking to 40% and gave me one more night's stay. But it was after we made a lil noise that many other hotels include this in. With her, guess you have to be firm becuz she is not one to give freely.
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    Hi midas, i have sent him the consent form ald and done the efiling, but was thinking of meeting him up personally before the actual date so at least can invite him to stay for the lunch n like juz thank him. then dunno how to go about doing it....:p did u meet up with ur JP before the...
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    really quite grateful because called at least 8 JPs.. all cant make it for my date in dec.. seems like i really quite last min..:p until i came upon this forum that recommended JP Phang. but how should i arrange to meet up with him before the actual ROM?
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    hi lovexiaolongbao! thanks alot for JP Phang's photo. Wow he looks really grand-fatherly.. seems so nice and friendly. Even when i called him, he sounded so patient. and after trying to call so many other JPs, he was the only one who congratulated me for my impending wedding. wat a sweet guy.
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    JP Mr Phang Tai Heng

    Hi there, cant seem to see the pic of Mr. Phang on multiply. Can someone kind send me a photo of him? [email protected] urgently looking for JP as ROM is in Dec! Also anyone has a pic of Chris Chen?
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    JP Recommendation

    Hi does anyone have Chris chen's photo too? desperately looking for JP now cuz ROM is in Dec! [email protected]