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    Any comments on Cis**rn?*=e?

    wat abt unice chong, anyone engage with her before??
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    BTO - Coral Spring....anyone??

    didn know there's a thread over here oso lol
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    Dermalogical or Shiseido?

    shiseido products is better or laniege product is better? any idea? 1 is from japan another 1 is from korea, i'm wondering which products shld i try? any comments about this 2 products?
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    Laneige Skin Care

    hi, would like to check is shiseido or laniege better?? any ideas? which products is not so exp
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    Coral Spring (BTO) 4-Room Premium Flats

    ello... im from 410B #09---
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    Anyone has Redwan Ali - Would You Be There

    dun mind send me as well [email protected] tks
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi rach, i use tat method on my featherlite nu bra but it still as sticky as before, and i didn really rub tat hard. i oso gentlely rub it. anyway is the auntie at the pushcart ask me to use shower foam to wash it.
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi rach, i wash like wat the auntie teach me leh. wash under the tap water first, then put the shower foam then rub over at the nu bra then rinse it off...
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn, the supper padded bra tat i bought hor, i think cannt wear liao le no longer sticky liao le even though i wash it thorougly. even i put on a dry skin it will drop down oso....
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    Riverview Hotel

    hi all, wat abt the food??? is it nice???
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    1 jiemei only, not good enough?

    if those jie mei are married one. then how you throw the flower?
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    PREVENT BREAST CANCER & increase cup size from A to C!

    how to have the best cleavage??
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn, i wash the super padded bra thorougly but somehow i try again this morning, it drops again not as sticky as before, is it bcoz my bust is too sweaty tats y it drops out. or is it bcoz i forgot i apply lotion on my bust in the morning then afternoon i put on my nubra then after tat...
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn & blue sapphire, thanks for the info
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn, can i check with you wat is the diff between Nu Bra and a Nude Bra? i saw 1 shope selling Nude Bra quite cheap. i wonder wat is the difference between the 2 bra.
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn, i got a problem to ask you, why the super padded bra not so sticky after i've use it for the 1st time for my photo shoot. yesterday i try to use it and i was sweating n it drop. is it becoz i didn wash thoroughly tats y it wasnt sticky?
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn, have pm u my contact
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn, so i juz need to bring the super padded along then ask the mua to help me wear??? so when is the next round of ordering. i nid the super padded before 22 of April.
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn, so does the effect look nice on it??? with the help of the MUA the cleavage is more deep is it?? silicon too exp i dun think i can afford to get one. i think i get the super padded will do.
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    NuBra Fan Club

    hi jaslyn, i would like to check with you. do u wear the super padded bra for the photoshoot?? or is there any gers inside here ever wear the super padded bra for Photo shoot???