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    B+ blood group seems to have weight/constipation problem

    hi kokoyln, i got it, tks a lot will take sometime to read, hehe
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    B+ blood group seems to have weight/constipation problem

    me too.. im B group.. and same fat fat oso. no matter hw i try, still the same kokoyln, can u share the infor w me? my email [email protected] tks alot
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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    hi hi... Wats the ultrasonic facial massager used for? wat it helps? seems quite ex lae.. 400
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    hi grace, can i have the details too [email protected] tks
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    Leonard Drake

    hi diamond42, can i join you in buying for 30% off? i stay hougang.. so consider near near lar.. but i only want to buy 1 or 2 items.. issit ok for you? and do u have the price list b4 discount? u can pm or email: [email protected]
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    Leonard Drake

    diamond42, tks for the infor. will go chk w her.. :D
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    Leonard Drake

    tks diamond42, can i have her contact? oh.. does she sell sample size or trial size? new to this product so want to try try 1st..
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    Leonard Drake

    hi ladies, saw u ladies posting bout the dermal beaute gals.. may i know hw many % discount they giving? n do they do facial? wanted to know more on this.. tks a lot... :D
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    Beauty - Deep Cleansing Mask to recommend.

    hi, can pm me the contact and charges to me? wheres her salon? tks
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    Body Wellness

    hi ladies, any recommendation of good therapist at winsland house for facial and massage
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    hi sweetheat, mine is oso Jun. so far shes ok... 10 sessions for 700, consider quite cheap lae.. but i not interested :D find their services still ok.. not pushy wonder who had tried their facial and massage.. tempted to try both.. hahaha...
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    Anybody try permanent hair removal before?

    hi sweetheart, did you tried their facial? using their $28 promotion voucher? i tried their IPL, so far ok waiting to go for 2nd session which is next month....
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    Laneige Skin Care

    hi hi.. i hv sensitive and combi skin, is Laneige products good for this skin type??? tks a lot
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    De Beaute Salon- LPG treatment.

    hi, hw much did they charge u for the LPG treatment? wat slimming package did you sign up? heard that LPG is gd for contouring..
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    SK II Products

    wow.. u buy so much until got discount ar.. i cannot afford to buy that much.. only use the essence. used to use the cleanser but really can last very very long time lae. when u be going again? bt parkway a bit far off for me lae..
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    SK II Products

    u lucky mah.. i used to use skII also. but when i ask them for samples hor, everytime they said dun hv this or no more stock liao..
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    SK II Products

    beibei, which counter did u went to get the samples? i went to some counters n ask for samples.. they dun giv sooo stingy