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    what;s SNEC??? how much is the op
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    Sweaty feet - any non-surgical cure?

    Hi a friend takes supplement, and his Hong KOng feet is no longer a problem. anyone want to know abt this supplement, email me at [email protected]
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    Sunblock for face - share your experience here! <IMG SRC="

    Hi we are not necessary to choose sunblock with a very high SPF, the main thing is if u go under sun, we have to re apply more often. Do u know that every kids in New Zealand have to bring their sunblock to school?? My kids and I use Sunright® 35 Face and Body, it's a sunblock with...
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    The only product I like from CLinique is their eyeliner, hv to use water, no smudges, waterproof
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    2-way Cake - Duration of Use

    Hi all, I've been using water based 2 way cake, which can be used as daytime finishing powder and as foundation during evening time. It has no chemical compounds or oil, which blog our pores and can cause acne and pigmentation after long term usage of wrong products. You may...
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    2 way cake to recommend?

    Hi What's a 2-way cake? is it used as powder in day time and as foundation as evening time? thanks.
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    Armpit sweat

    HI co_co how about trying something which has natural ingredients, send private message to me, just put your mouse on my name and click. ANyone who wants to stop hair growth with 100 day guarantee, try this...