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    Catholic Brides

    Hi.. Thanks for ur reply:) It's just right time, as I'll be going to print the mass booklets this weekends. I think $1.8 is quite cheap. I asked around last time, it's about $2.3-$2.5 for each booklet. Where did u print out the booklets? Can I have their contact? Thanks ya:)
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    Bridal manicure

    Hihi... Can I have the manicurist's contact? How much is it? Thanks
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    Catholic Brides

    We booked the choir, and was given a list of songs to choose.. If we need them to sing other songs, will have to check with them...
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    Catholic Brides

    Hi Twobecome01... Thanks for sharing.. May I know where u print out ur mass booklets? Can share the cost? So far we met the Father last week n are working on the mass booklets now..
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    Hotel ballroom with glass window, suggestions?

    Regent Hotel for the smaller ballrooms
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    Regent Singapore

    Hi MichiGO.. I also booked Nassim ballroom for my banquet next yr. Trust your wedding had been over. How was your overall experience? Any advice? Thanks Using SingaporeBrides app
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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi... May I know who is your MUA? Mind do share? Thanks:) Using SingaporeBrides app
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    when married, does yr husband gives u allowance even though wife is working?

    I think if there is no allowance, at least may give one credit card to the wife. She may not use it or use when necessary. This is only my thoughts. Looking forward for others' opinions.
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    when married, does yr husband gives u allowance even though wife is working?

    I did ask my hubby the same question, but he said no.. I'm also very curious about this... Using SingaporeBrides app
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    Post wedding sales.. DIY/budget eager brides MUST SEE!

    How much is the hanger? Using SingaporeBrides app
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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi missus_wong... how do u find zoey from MDW? Is she good? Thanks
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    Top up of wedding photos

    Hi Huileng123, Who's ur MUA? Can share,
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    My Dream Wedding

    Hi missus_wong... U chose the MUA from MDW? Or they assigned him to u? Thanks
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    My Dream Wedding - MUA

    I also signed MDW... But dunno who's my MUA... I don't think can choose MUA in MDW.. need advise too...
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    Who got the Marriage Budget Spreadsheet?

    Hi.. Can you send me as well? [email protected] Thanks
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    My Dream Wedding

    Can choose MUA for AD? Who is good? Looking for advice. Thanks