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    $950 for sliding glass kitchen door?

    it is called door stopper / bumper.... good thing of this spring hinges is it will act as a door stopper and also door closer. Meaning if there is strong wind suddenly blow when your door in open position, it won't blow and bang your glass door If u decided to get spring hinges, make...
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    A guide to selecting yr Hob & Hood?

    Yeaahh agree, been using teka glass hob for almost 3 years....
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    $950 for sliding glass kitchen door?

    Are you too lazy just to swing the door back to close?? If yes then pay more for the door spring lor...
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    How much deposit have you paid? Sorry to hear about your case
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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    Been using LG front load for almost 3 years.... still working well, no problem......
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    Short getaway for ROM

    If read news then read the entire news lah.... not all parts of Indonesia were attacked by big waves, only those beaches who face Indian Ocean. Bintan is at Malaca Straits. If Bintan get then you also wont be safe in Singapore
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    Advice on walk-in wardrobe

    Another solution is installing exaust fan at toilet window
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    LG washing machines

    i have used for more than 1 year, so far so good
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    A Question on Chimney Hood...

    dun forget to maintain the hood such as clean the filter regularly, etc. in order to maintain good suction power
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    A Question on Chimney Hood...

    u should call Rinnai and inquire...... i use other brand, there are some strips of opening on top of my chimney hood. when i use the hood for cooking, i can see air/moist flow out.....
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    Simmons mattress - any advise?

    yes heavenly been using it for more than a year.... if u got the space and $$$, get king size
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    there are 2 types of electric hob 1. ceramic 2. induction if u live in old flat please check the amp whether enuf or not. Electricity is more expensive then gas so prepare to fork out more $ to pay PUB bill.... good side is no worry of gas leaking, caught in fire, easier to clean
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    Karcher, Dyson or Osim Mermaid vaccuum cleaner?

    demo always give good impression... try to use it during the demo... pay attention on the weight and the movability
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    .... stainless steel backing.....
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    Mouldy Wardrobe - help needed!

    hmmm white vinegar..... any problem to ged rid of the strong smell??
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    try ur luck.... despite many bad comments who noe u r lucky one
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    i mean the 2 doors in ur pics. so wondering what it is for......
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    A place to show your beautiful kitchen....

    what is the access door for? refuse chute?
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    Mouldy Wardrobe - help needed!

    try to wipe it with warm water diluted with Kiwi Duck Mold then dry it before u put it back hopefully it will work
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    SEMI D, CONDO or HDB??

    and not easy to sell landed as limited market....