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    Checklist for Bridal Shop

    hi can please send me the checklist too? thanks!!! [email protected]
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    Faber Peak Singapore (Formerly The Jewel Box)

    Hi could you please share the package with me as well? thanks!
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    BTO senja gateway

    hi wanni! Mine is 5-room. =)
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    BTO senja gateway

    I've got 635A! =) We'll be neighbours!
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    BTO senja gateway

    Hi did any of you ladies get the flat? =)
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    Good facial to recommend

    Hi Fuyutsuki. your home based beautician at teck whye, where is she located? i stay around the area so might consider giving it a try.. Her name is Joey? Thks!!
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    Any normal facial service at west area to recommend?

    anyone went to Ucara @ CCK? i'm staying at CCK and am looking for a basic facial place =) thks girls!
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    Good facial to recommend

    dear all.. seems like you girls have alot of recommendations. i'm looking for just normal facial in the west area. any good recommendations? i've been with this salon for some time and thinking of changing. had bad experiences before so i don't wana risk it. TIA!
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    Any good hair Salons to recommend?

    hi all, i want to do something about my hair but am not sure what to do about it. i have rebonded a few times before as my hair has abit of natural waves. so now i'm not sure whether i should stick to rebonding or try something new. but my close friends have advised me against perming...