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    WTS: Martell V.S.O.P Metallion (1 litre with box-Unopened)

    Hi miusasky, Tried to pm you but failed. Can you kindly pm me instead and I will reply you from there? Thanks!
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    Recommendations for an intimate small wedding

    Hope these are helpful for you: Asian Civilisations Museum
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    Any good Geomancer to recommend?

    Hi How much you guys paying for these FS consulting? Mind to share? Thanks in adv.
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    Loan for upcoming hdb

    Hi, Probably you want to check the payment terms with the contractors again. Always thought that it should be paid progressively.
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    WTS: Martell V.S.O.P Metallion (1 litre with box-Unopened)

    Letting go 2 boxes of the Martell VSOP of 1 litre each - let me know your offer price, thanks. To self collect, COD - for serious and sincere buyers only. :)
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    hi has anyone used mystic settings with the candle fence before? Appreciate if you can share the picts, thanks.
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    Which credit card is better to pay for banquet?

    Only understand that it's gd to use Manhattan card up to $4K to enjoy the max rebates? How abt the rest of the cards?
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    Which credit card is better to pay for banquet?

    Any new update for this topic? Think this is will be a gd sharing for the coming new wedding couples ya! Pls advise....
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    Carousel Merry Go Round

    Hi Am trying very hard to search for a carousel horse site for my nite PS...but it seem so difficult to find one. Anyone tried gng to the one in Sentosa before? Heard it's closed at 7pm and worried that by that time it will be still bright Anyone found this pls msg me. Hope I will...
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    Tailor Make - Wedding songs?

    hey i like yr much did you pay?
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    anyone using the purple theme for grand ballroom mixed theme? wld like to view the dinner to decide the far only saw the garden theme. If you are using, can let me know yr wedding date to view them as well? :P Thanks very much in adv!
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    Banquet Bill Settlement

    Hi there, A silly question to ask... May I check how much savings should I get ready for banquet dinner settlement for an average min 30 tables in average hotel? Do people normally get ready the savings for this or they totally rely on credit card payment which will be settled from the...
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    Wedding March In & Songs for Jazz Theme

    i heard you got to own the original CD tho.
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    Novotel Clarke Quay

    Hi Anyone has the theme picts of Novotel to share? Thanks!
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    Wedding March In & Songs for Jazz Theme

    Hi there, Any recommendation for songs for Jazz Theme? Big Headache..Thanks
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    Vintage Wedding Car

    Hi, anyone know where I can find nice vintage car rental for wedding? Realised that I dont have many options here
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    Any popular JPs to recommend???

    i heard Dr Phua is quite gd and I've just contacted him for mine...he responded quite fast to us too. Try out
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    A Venue for ROM ?

    Hi I'm holding mine at changi village hotel, find that a really nice ambience if you looking for scenary + water + hotel svc. The supporting staff hv so far been v nice n friendly. You will def hv nice Picts n video with nice bkgrd only set back its location but if u want an get away...
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    2011 Tong Shu

    i went to a master call Jason Cheung from Trinity Arts Gallery (Office People Park, 3rd floor). his fees not very cheap but I think he's good. from what I know he is not very internet savy