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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Thanks Master Tong, Do we also need to look at those elders' horoscope (like siblings) whom we are serving tea to.
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master Tong, Happy Lunar New Year! My partner & I are planning for a small wedding togther with ROM between end Sep to Dec 2012. Would appreciate your advice for a good date (preferably weekends): Groom: Pig (17 Jun 1971) Bride: Rabbit (27 mar 1975) Groom's Dad: Dragon...
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    You can try taking SIN-Malacca-SIN express bus or Delima bus from Lavender road. They have hourly buses starting from 8am.
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    BAT EARS SURGERY- MY experience and some advice

    Purple flag, it is so obvious that you are advertising for NeuGlow. Not only here but other forums too.
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    I left nothing after my divorce.. why is so unfair to me !!!!

    “Mysterious, your ex really declared bankrupt? Did the bank ask you to pay on his behalf? This is also what I am fear of now. I think very soon, he will declare. He keeps blaming me that if we sell the house 3 yrs back, we can make big bucks cos he said that time is peak period. Not sure how...
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    I left nothing after my divorce.. why is so unfair to me !!!!

    Seeing your post suddenly bought back memories of my past marriage. It was the darkest chapter in my life. My youth, effort, time and money was wasted on a loser ex. Sold the flat when the market was really bad and shouldered the most losses too. If I would be patient enough to wait for just 1...
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    Riverview Hotel

    This thread is so quiet. Anyone signed up with River View hotel?
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    Arnoma Hotel Bangkok?

    Haunted? Are you sure? I quite like this hotel and intend to stay there again on my next trip.
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    Hongkong Airport to Panaroma Hotel

    Where did you book your package from? I stayed in Panaroma hotel before and hotel transfer was provided. You can take cab if you like, cost about HKD300 for 45 mins journey. You can also take Airport Express but I'm not sure how to go about it. Nearest MTR is TST, you have to double check...
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    Support group - Divorce

    Hi doll, Please check your PM. Thanks.
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    Anyone know of a good place to rebond hair

    Please stop advertising for this home base salon (Yishun) = Ying Ying. I know who you are so don't keep saying you went rebonding at this particular home salon. You have been posting in too many forums. You are friendly, that's for sure. But your skill is just so so.
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    Enquiry on bankrupt.

    An insolvent person is not allowed to have any credit card or sub-card. And you do not need to part with your savings in order to help him to stay in his green zone. His OA will arrange monthly deduction from his savings account and if he can maintain a good record in his repayment, he will...
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    Hong Kong Hotels - which is good?

    kongling, perhaps you can try panorama hotel. It's located at TST area.
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    About Cafe' Cartel

    Serious? I actually like the Siglap branch, no long queue like other outlets. It's quieter too. Services wise, it's the same as other outlets. No major problem for me.
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    Hong Kong : Some Advice Needed!

    Don't have to go to TST station. Just make your way to harbour city and walk all the way up (opposite direction of the traffic). Before you reach the starting point of the Y-Junction, turn left to the entrance of the building and take the escalator up to 3rd level.You can check with the people...
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    Movies that makes you cry...

    Titanic King Kong And some movies that I can't remember the titles.
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    Modern Beauty Salon

    I used to be their customer (2 years) in TPY branch. Yes, they definitely hard sell everytime I went for my facial. I just tell the consultant that I will be posted overseas to work (kept repeating this whenever she's up to 'mischief'. In the end, the consultant gave up and persude me to buy...
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    Hotels in Kl

    Why? I stayed in Cititel at Mid Valley for about 2 weeks when I was sent to KL to work and I find it not bad. Mid Valley was near my KL office then. I quite like that place too as I normally shop there after work.
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    Yafang, it should be ethical as that time I need the full address for filing of court papers then. I didn't really asked in details how she got it when she told me she called up HDB to check when we realised the unit number was wrong when serving. Try not to blow up the whole matter before...