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    WATER HEATER brands

    hi, anyone heard of everhot storage heaters? my rheem finally leaked and died and rheem 35ltr apparently out of stock and the contractor suggested everhot, which he claimed is a sister company of rheem. i tried to search on internet but couldn't find.. anyone has any idea? or any...
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    Engagement Ring

    hi, squealer US$8700 is expensive for a piece rated SI1 cos the inclusion would be very visible.
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    Catholic Brides

    hi, miaka for caterer, i used stamford, which is the halal wing of select catering. i invite friends of other religion to the church wedding but told them what time the service would be and what time the reception at the marquee outside would be so that they can decide what time they want to...
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    hi lyon 70% shd be more than enough cos most people come in pairs or in groups (3rd aunt & family, 6th uncle & family) so no need for extra cards. i printed my own, which now seemed a bit of a needless expense. i did away with photoshoot, had one white wedding dress and a kua and a...
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    No sharksfin for banquet

    hi snow baby i guess you already know about the cruelty bit. so no need to repeat. but, even if it's not for eco reasons, think it's better to have a nice double boiled soup with, like kate suggested, fish maw (if fresh it's really expensive, usually dried) or, like me, i had plain old...
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    Neo Garden Catering

    hi, gg i like the chicken rendang and chicken curry which go well with the briyani. the pork deluxe (can't remember the name at the moment but it's got a picture on website) i find a bit dry. i prefer the honey ribs. the asparagus sambal is yum and the yam paste, too, though it'll be a...
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    Neo Garden Catering

    hi i engaged them for my housewarming last month. yummy food. polite and punctual staff from telephone operator to delivery guy. the set up, even though it was only for a housewarming was still nicely done and presentable with floral displays and nice clean table cloth and skirting that is...
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    Website to book paris and london hotels

    hi why not go to for more info on hotels in paris and london. i would recommend looking at the boutique ones which offer a more local experience, as opposed to the generic holiday inn, hilton ilk. the website has links to a few booking websites like expedia and you'd be...
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    Local Part Time Maid

    hi, anyone staying in serangoon north/kovan/rosyth area and have part time maid to recommend pls pm me. thanks
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    hi, jiaqing (xue?) am looking for curtains and blinds for my place. may i know who your curtain maker is? thanks
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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    hi, all anyone heard of, been to or stayed at a hotel called solitaire? it was recommended by colleague as suitable for my weekend getaway with hubby? would like some reviews before making decision. thanks
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    Catholic Advice Needed Please

    hi, celtricia congratulations! hope you enjoyed your wedding
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    Catholic Advice Needed Please

    hi, celtricia we had close to 300 guests turn up for church ceremony and had printed 250 booklets. there were close to 70 unused booklets left with my receptionists. ouch. would suggest you print only half guest list taking into account fact that some older relatives don't really read...
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    Honeymoon Fund" - Contribution needed!!!

    hi, personal experiece:- we didn't insert any clauses and almost all our 200-300 guests at the church reception gave ang pows only received a few vouchers from robinsons and takashimaya and abt 4 presents. perhaps don't have to worry unduly abt it cos we are in singapore afterall - my...
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    Any Pet Grooming service to recomend..

    hi, all i bring my bichon frise to dog care at mt pleasant hospital whitley (won't recommend the vets there, but that's another story). anyway, the groomers at dog care are excellent - gentle and patient with my boy who can't stand having his legs and paws groomed... maybe scarred by...
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    Hi, peeper See if you can spare the $300-$500 for a real cake. Maybe sacrifice something else? Like flowers or an extra photo? I paid $4XX+++ for mine, offset $30+++ in exchange for the small one the hotel would have sent to our room as part of the wedding dinner package. As for the...
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    Hi, Sashamama If it's a fruit cake and can be kept for long, traditionally couples have it when their first child is born. Of course, these days not common to have a child so soon after, so some keep it for their first anniversary
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    Hi, Coco Yep, was asked to pay surcharge so in the end got the hotel to bake the cake instead. Altho' more expensive than some outside bakers, it was less of a hassle since no need to worry abt delivery and payment on actual day before dinner when shd be relaxing in bubble bath or having makeup...
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    Caterer for Church reception - need advice

    Hi, Pebbleberry Got quotes from most of the caterers and spoke to a handful like Kriston, Smiling Orchid, Elsie's Kitchen, Q'zine, Select.. In the end, armed with all that research, just bargained on the freebies since the companies go by package price $8, $10 or $12 or $15 and so on. I went...
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    Any Christian Songs for weddings?

    Hi, Patrick How about something like:- 1) How Beautiful (for processional) 2) This is the Day (That the Lord Hath Made) (the slow one, not the fast one of the same title) 3) In His Time off hand?