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    Feeling lost

    I agree with Powder's post. I waited for a guy for 7 years in my 20s to early 30s. When I finally moved on and met someone else, got married, I am facing difficulties having children now due to age and other factors. Not saying that this happens to all who wait, but women really have a BIO...
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    He really wants to cheat

    Dump him fast! But then again, how did you know he called a girl to his room, and that he has been searching online? Saw your other thread...
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    Amore Fitness at Woodlands Civic Centre

    Newbie to amore here! Anyone wanna go Woodlands or Plaza Sing branches together?
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    Advice?! An affair...

    Xiaoling, Don't end up like this woman. It might be just TV but it is very real life. Please cherish yourself and choose wisely.
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Dr Phua is also our JP! We're holding our ROM soon and looking forward to meeting him. He's always very prompt in replying emails and calls, and sounds very fatherly on the phone. Kept telling me don't be nervous :D
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    (2011/03) March 2011 BTB

    Hi everybody, I am a March 2011 BTB. Happy to report here. :D
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    Dr Phua is really very prompt in replying emails! I just emailed him last week asking if he could be our JP. He replied within hours and accepted. So happy and looking forward to having him as our JP :D
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    Love & Co. Wedding Bands

    i agree that LVC's service is very good. We bought our wedding bands at the suntec branch and customised them! going to collect in 2 wks' time
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    Dilemma: Presbyterian Wife, Free-thinker hubby...

    Evaflowne, I don't think chances are high that you can find any christian pastor in singapore who would marry you both in church. i've a friend who was in the same situation and could not find a pastor to solemnize their wedding. You should never allow yourself to be pressurize to take on any...
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    Malaysia wedding

    I am looking for MUA in Kluang, please PM me if you have contact, thanks!
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    A fairytale?

    My SO and I got to know each other through my old workplace (a non-profit org). I was a staff and he was a volunteer. :D
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    RELC Hotel, Tang Court Restaurant

    Xue, wow 2 Jan, what a good start to the year! Ya we really like their package because got suckling pig, hehe. The only drawback is that the venue a bit hard to get there, but at least got shuttle bus. Did you see the bridal suite? It's so huge!
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    RELC Hotel, Tang Court Restaurant

    Hi v0n (missvonnie, From what I understand, Tang Court is in discussion with RELC about their contract, which may or may not be extended after July 2011. So to be safe, you better double check with them before you book.
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    RELC Hotel, Tang Court Restaurant

    Xue, our wedding dinner is tentatively booked for March 26... hoping to confirm the dates asap as HTB's family would like to wait for the tongshu dates. When's yours?
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    Advice for PLus Size brides

    Anyone has good recommendations of bridal studios with wide range of designs? The ones I saw seem to be all sleeveless! It's so hard to find a BS with gowns that have sleeves.
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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    Thanks Jasmine and Fat Ger Wow congrates to your weight loss! My budget is very tight due to wedding planning. Then my threshold of pain is low too, haha. Wow, but so tempting... I need to lose about 10kg by year end. Have been jogging but didn't see much effect at the moment. Will...
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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    Hi, anyone mind sharing how much the acupuncture slimming cost? Is it painful?
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    Is this normal

    From my personal experience, Govt works quite slowly in hiring process... I waited a full month for them to call me to sign appt letter, after they offered me a job.
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    RELC Hotel, Tang Court Restaurant

    My HTB and I have decided to sign with Tang Court, we will be making the deposit this week. We're quite pleased with the package and the coordinator... our only concern is the location because it's rather out of the way, but this can be solved as they provide shuttle bus. We're thinking to...
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    Bliss Garden Restaurant - Singapore Expo Foyer

    Ohhh thanks for the advice, binnie!