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    How to overcome post abortion effect?

    Its has been a long time since I came to this forum. When I am younger, I am very rebellion as I was born out of wedlock, an illegitimate child, I hated my mother as I was looked down by my classmates and relatives. I mixed around with the wrong people and got pregnant. When I knew I am...
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    Should I tell him?

    Hi, joey! After reading your passage, I am still not any clearer, so did you agree to his proposal huh? He seen to be quite an understanding and caring guy who love you very much, why the hesitation? Guys are not very good in expressing their feeling and maybe his proposal is just his way...
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    KTV girls n songs

    I think not all KTV girls are cheap, foxy or seductive, its just part and parcel of their job. For me, No, if they want to sing song, then sing lah, why should they want to have girls to accompany?? The starting intention is already not right....but neither me or my bf has gone to this type...
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    China reunification with Taiwan

    Anyway, Hougang-Aljunied is a different thing althogether...they even need to apply for permit to plant a tree in their more thing...I think Hougang will still be in the opposition hand after the by-election...reunification with the rest of sg will take some time but I hope not...
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    China reunification with Taiwan

    Taiwan will eventually reunited with China without firing a single bullet. This is tide of history and no one can ever resist it. Taiwan are already under the infuence sphere of China and is ever becoming more reliance to China interms of trade and economy growth. Millions of Taiwanese are now...
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    Should I tell him?

    Joey, regardless of the outcome, you should accept it with grace and move on, it will make you a stronger person. All the best!
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    Should I tell him?

    Hi, Joey!! Nice to hear from you again, how is life and your secret admirer?? Keke….. If I am you I will just tell him the truth, why hide it….come on…you have done nothing shameful….you have made a mistake then but you are courageous enough face the consequences by being a single...
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    NEED ADVISE - financial issue

    Can we still expect hubby to give us allowance when we are working? Although I am not married yet but never cross my mind to get monthly allowance from hubby after marriage. To me, after marriage, there is no different whether its his or my money, we should pull all available resources together.
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    Kiss about if a guy have the opportunity to go further than kissing and the girl is not rejecting but he never once take it...something wrong with the guy or not girl is not attractive enough?
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    Husband drinks & stays out late - Does yours?

    can a guy suddenly lost in interest in physical activities? how do we know a guy have a high libido or interested in it if what he do during dating is holding hands and kissing although he has the chance to go further??
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    Woes with my hb family

    keke...å°ç»µç¾Šhuh...then better dont stay here lah...alot of big bad wolf here...its always nice talking to you...hope to see u around often...recently very busy...not much time to stay around here...
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    Woes with my hb family

    hello hello opal sister...where have you gone all this married and became a tiger mom?..wah i dont know what happens here...seem like alot of animosity scolding people huh...keke...really tiger mom lei....y sign-off?..i vote you in again...u can count on my support ok.....
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    In love with A married man ...

    Hi, Enxuan Still havn't move on from the hatred phase? Anyway, congrats on your new baby...not matter arrival of new life is always a happy occasion and worth celebrating...cheers! give that little girl a break and relieve yourself from that hatred....
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    Where is my happily ever after?

    So close...the palm tree lost...disappointed....
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    Where is my happily ever after?

    Tan Kin Lian has conceded defeat...and he might lost his deposit...felt sorry for him but admire his courage....I hope the candidate I voted for is one of the top two front runner Kin Lian mentioned....if my candidate will be a quite an upset tonite...we need an independent rational...
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    Advice?! An affair...

    wei...reaching PG 13 already lah.....
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    Looking for fellow females above 30 to form a support group for dating

    The guys I met who were the better ones said they didnt know who to choose and wanted to wait. They also said they had too many women around them wah..sound like sg has surplus of woman....where are all the man? sometimes the guys I ask out are all so occupied!! I have not been through...
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    How can a divorce man stop paying alimony to his ex wife?

    One more thing, if he is short of cash to pay his ex-wife, its advisable for you to top-up for him inorder to keep him away from running foul of the laws or affect his credit standing..
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    How can a divorce man stop paying alimony to his ex wife?

    Hi, pinkie I don’t think the law is going to change any more lenient towards the guy on matter of alimony instead its going to more harsh…..instead of feeling frustrated about your bf paying alimony to his ex-wife…its better for you to ensure he pay on time and in full to avoid doing...
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    China Wife

    Wah…PRC woman bashing huh…not true all PRC women are that bad lah…I have neighbour marrying a PRC woman that give him 2 sons and taking care of the family and kids well…she is a very friendly and hardworking woman..they have been married for 7 yrs now…I have many female co-colleagues...