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    You cannot trust men nowadays.=(

    Hi Milo I have read your comments on the other threads here, and I respect your opinions. Let's not pick on words or show sarcasm ok? I bear no malice and its true that everyone is entitled to voice his/her opinions, but be tactful.
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    You cannot trust men nowadays.=(

    I feel that it's not the right time to come criticize any person (man or woman) who is hurting. If people cannot feel compassion, then just pls go away. Yes, she may be naive and may be making sweeping generalizations but she is not harming or hurting anyone, is she? No one is obliged to give...
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    Ending a Marriage

    Dear Broken Hearted, I face similar issues as yours that's why I opened your thread. No one starts a relationship/ marriage to fail at it. It's really not easy to build and sustain a loving relationship; it's not enough to just want it, one also needs to learn many things like conflict...