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    Need Advice

    hmmm... Everyone has their own think. Our plan is move on and move out once get house. Both my hubby and I feel upset as it is truth that my in-law prefer their daughter than him. Is not that I already has my own set of think or I like to compare or being childish. My family has give in...
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    Need Advice

    Forget to mention. My mother-in-law returned all the things I give her to me yesterday. She put them on the table. What is this mean? The whole matter I never said anythings. Only her son knows what is this mean.
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    Need Advice

    Chocolatte, if we blame them, we wont wash the vegetable and wait unit 6plus near 7 and go back. Our family has rules. Hv to come back for dinner even you r married. My parents also invited my in-laws and xiaogu's family. As we believe in reunion plus my family is missing me alot especially...
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    Need Advice

    If you are small family is easy, can start early. If big family how to start early plus my parents works especial my mum work shift. I dont get to eat with her everytime. I already do my part. desise80, their daughter can come back at night for dinner. She is married. Do you think is fair...
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    Need Advice

    My hubby enjoy himself at my parents' place. Got somebody like my parents and my siblings chatting with him, game to play, newspaper to read, hot and warm food to eat. My dad even bring him out for praying, grooming him and my brother as his successor. This is the first time I saw him so happy...
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    Need Advice

    U can say "baoyin" to my mother-in-law. When CNY, she never visit her mother-in-law, always tell us no never visit her. Go to the same to my father-in-law. Even accompany them the whole CNY, they would not be happy unless their daughter around. Plus this is not the first time, they treat people...
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    Need Advice

    We are staying with my in-laws. After this week, we are moving to my parents' place. Thanks yesno333
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    Need Advice

    Actually I want to ask. But my in-law is not like your in-law so understanding type. Their daughter also married out. She can come back on the eve with hubby and daughter. Their daughter has in-law too. Plus on the first day, I married in. They dont seem interested having dinner with me. I...
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    Need Advice

    Thanks yessno333. We will be getting our house 2 to 3 years later. But I am thankful that we still has a place to go and my parents are happy that we are coming back. Both my parents dote my hubby alot. Plus my hubby is happy staying with my parents. He felt love. And come back got hot warm rice...
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    Need Advice

    I suppose to have reunion dinner with my parents-in-law. However, I also wish to have dinner with my parents. So, I ask my hubby can we also eat with my parents. My hubby has no problem. As worry time will crush, I ask my hubby can we eat with my in-laws slightly early like in the afternoon...
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    Any Recommendation for Printers?

    Go for Adrich production,look for Nickson for printing. They do offset printing
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    Thank you speech

    I would appreciate if anyone out there can send me a copy of the wedding thank you speech - English & Chinese versions. Email [email protected]
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    Any sample wedding speech for the big day

    Can send me at the following @ [email protected] (i) Wedding speech (ii) Emcee's speech (in English & Chinese) (iii) Thank you speech (Bride n Groom) Thanks!!
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    Looking for 100 best wedding classics

    Hi I am looking for 100 best wedding classics. If you have, can sell to me at low cost. Jas
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    Outdoor Photoshoot Locations

    baby> can send me the location of the lalang field? my email is [email protected]
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    Any Recommendation for Printers?

    Hi I need help!!! Please send me some printers contact...
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    Animation Cartoon (Doing a cartoon instead of montage)

    Hi, Can I have the packages for 1. AD photography + Express Highlights + Montage 2. AD photography and videography 3. AD Videography 4. Cartoon Animation Email to [email protected]
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    do u know of any places tht have victorian decor? indoor or outdoor also can
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    Advice: Ampoules for Make Up

    How much BeautyAurora charge for delivery and what kind of delivery you gals choose? I dont think I have the time to go to North and pick up.