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    Mouldy Wardrobe - help needed!

    Hi stardust, Dettol i never try before. I went straight for chlorine becoz since chlorine ensure that it kills bateria up to 99.9%, and during sars period, chlorine was once a "hot favourite" to maintain high level of cleanliness, I believe it works well against mould. so I tried, and glad...
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    Mouldy Wardrobe - help needed!

    Dear all, I tried vinegar, and the result is not as good. Therefore, my most effective mehthod would be: (A) get a pail of water, (half filled), (B) add in a few drops of of chlorine (those white bleach for clothes). (C)Please remember to wear gloves to protect your hands. (D) After that...
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    what is the highest amount you have spend on LV stuff alone??For LV Fans only

    Dear all, May I know has anyone seen this LV wallet design in singapore? the sales person in europe told me that this is a LV limited edition design. anyone has any idea of how much is this wallet selling in singapore? the name of this range is call "Monogram Dentelle Porte." thanks
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    07/07/2007 - hot date for ROM?

    hi ladies, I understand that usually for Actual day, the couple will prepare a small gift or angbao for helper. May I know for ROM, if we get friends as helper, what is more appropriate? gift or ang bao? and any minimum amt to give as ang bao? any advise? thanks