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    Taiwan F&E

    skywolf, Thanks for your quick reply.
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    Taiwan F&E

    Hi My family and 1 (total 7 pax) will be traveling to Tapei on 22 Sept 07 and thought of going to Taipei and Hualien. I would really appreciate if someone would advise how me on the following: 1) How do we travel from Taipei to Hualien and Hualien to Cing jing? 2) Which is the best...
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    Taipei - budget accomodation ???

    Hi Koala Saw your earlier post and noted that you been to Hualien and Cing Jing. My family and I (total 7 pax) will also be travelling to Taipei next Sat, 22 Sept 07 for 8 days and thought of going to Hualien and Cing Jing too. Would appreciate if you could advise on the following...
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    Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique

    Hi Gals Further to my comments earlier on 25 May 2007, think I mistaken Judy. She called me & explained to me that she had some personal matters to attention to so cannot make it to my final fitting. But I still think it would be better if her colleague could explain to me rather...
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    Luna Bianca Bridal Boutique

    Hi Gals Glad to hear that you all had a good time with GI. I had mine final fitting yst but Judy was not with me yst. Quite upset over this as it's my final fitting, how can my designer be absent. Somemore I've to alter my gown. Hai...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi sallz E chopstick still ok la. At least still useful to e guests after the dinner. Hi crazibee You mean they've fridge magnet? Never heard from Jason before. It's nice?
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi crazibee Met up with Jason yst and will be taking Oriental (red in colour) as our theme. Their wedding favours are quite limited. They've chopsticks, bottle of jam, bear and key chain. Will be taking chopstick. But understand from Jason that on our dinner itself, there'll be...
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    Tea Ceremony Queries

    Hi cactus I heard from my uncle that my hubby cannot lift up my veil at my house. Only when i step into our own room then my hubby can lift up my veil. How true is this?
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    Carlton Hotel

    Will be choosing today. Update you again tomo after my meeting with Jason.
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    "An Chuang (安床)"

    Hi All Understand tat in normal cases, an chuang normally is done by the couple. What happen is hubby on tat day is busy & cannot take off?
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    Duties of Ah Yees & Brothers on Wedding Day?

    Hi all Can i also have a non-church program list too. My email: [email protected] Tks
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi crazibee I called up Jason to check on table seating & that's when we arrange for a meet up to settle the wedding gifts and theme. When is your wedding?
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi All I meeting up with Jason next Tuesday to finalise on the wedding theme, wedding gifts etc. Could anyone advise me is there any other matters that i should ask him or i should know before i meet up with him? Would appreciate you assistance and help. Tks.
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    Any thank you speech to share?

    Hi All Wondering thank you speech is to be said by both bride and groom or just the groom will do? My hubby said he say will do. Is this correct? If possible, can share with me your thank you speech. My email: [email protected] Tks
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    (2007) Brides of year 2007

    Hi all I'm a early June bride-to-be. Would really appreciate if anyone could assist in the following matters: 1) March-in songs - Like "From this moment on" but hubby said too slow. - Any other songs to recommend? 2) Sample of emcee speech for reference. Would appreciate if...
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    Hi Can i also have a copy of the emcee speech for reference. Now desperate already... Wedding in early June 07. My email: [email protected] Tks
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    Ad song for Soo Kee

    Hi there Does anyone know the song whereby the groom carry the bride and the bride head was knock against the door . Would appreciate is you could forward the songs to me at [email protected] Tks.
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    A Moment Like This

    Hi Would also appreciate if you could forward this song to me too. My email add: [email protected] Tks
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    At The Beginning - Donna Lewis & Richard Marx

    Hi All I'm a June 07 bride to-be & still sourcing for march-in songs. Wld appreciate if someone could share with me the following songs: 1)I finally found someone - by Barbra Streisand 2)"Chu Jia" - by Zhang Qing Fang 3)She's the one - by Robbie William 4)For the first time - by...
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    Carlton Hotel

    Hi All I just joined the forum and my wedding banquet will also be held at Carlton. Can anyone share with me the theme and wedding favours?