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    Any good lightings shops to recommend?

    Lights Arcade is just across Shaw Plaza at Balestier. There's a hawker center nearby; you can't miss it. They open at 11am.
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    I'm also moving a fair amount of stuff... 2 closets 4 computer tables 1 single-size bed 1 pull out bed 1 fridge 1 washing machine a hell of a lot of box full of stuff!!! help!!!!!
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    Fujioh Or Technogas hob & hood?

    i suppose you have to be comfortable with the quality of appliances they make... they also make electric fans and washing machines.
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    Any good lightings shops to recommend?

    Went to Balestier Rd today. Chan Huat = lots of designs to choose from, but you have to pay extra for the light bulb and you also need to pay GST. Lights Arcade = limited designs, but light bulbs are included as well as GST.
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    Self laminate the Cabinet

    Yup, paint will be good enough if you're on a budget...
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    Any good lightings shops to recommend?

    hello, do u know which of those lighting shops you mentioned have 0% interest plan? which bank/card? I'm OUT OF CASH!!! hahaha...
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    Anyone bought from Lights Arcade in Balestier?

    does Light Arcade have a 0% interest plan? if yes, which bank/credit card?
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    Address to buy cheap and good electrical products

    Do they deliver anywhere in Singapore?
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    Any good lightings shops to recommend?

    ^Hope you don't mind me asking, but how come you bought lights from so many different shops?
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    Anyone bought from Lights Arcade in Balestier?

    ^Hello there. Where exactly is the place???
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    Bed Frame

    Hi guys. So if we remove DNE and Acherman from the list, that leaves us with Beng Tuan..? Do they sell King size bedframes?
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    Brighton Furniture

    hello! which site has the bigger show room? sungei kadut is nearer my place, but I wouldn't mind going to the other places.
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    House Moving (movers) Company - Any recommendation?

    Hi! Can you also email me your mover's contact? thanks! [email protected]
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    Sea horse mattress

    do these things have springs? or just foam? isn't the price a little low? BTW, any cheap king-sized beds?
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    Poll: CCK VS Yew Tee Flats??? Pls help

    i will buy any flat in either place because i love both CCK and Yew Tee! i've lived in YT for 2.5 years and in CCK for 3.5 years. anyway, i found a flat at CCK ave 3 that fits my budget. i found that YT flats are WAY too expensive for me....
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    Any recommendations for hobs & hood?

    I'm just looking at Tecno (or Tecnogas)... not bad, I think. Anyway, it's inexpensive!
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    I think the renovator should have foreseen any minoy hiccups that might happen during the actual renovation when he gave you your first quotation. if the minor hiccups are costing you too much you should "have a talk" with your contractor.
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    Painting of House/HDB flat/Room

    has anyone ever painted their house on their own? at least, you can save at least $1000!!
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    Bed Frame

    what does a king-size bed AND bedframe normally cost, on average? i'm looking for a wooden frame, i think.