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    What job is best for a new mummy?

    Hi, I'm planning to have a kid but am not sure what job suits my new role as a mummy in future. Any suggestions please? Am thinking of making adjustments so I can personally watch my kid grow up :) Thanks in advance for your advice!
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    Wedding caterer reviews

    Congrats on your wedding! Chanced upon this post, and thought i should do Lavish Dine justice. I used them for my wedding in March this year. Being the bride, I didn't get to eat much of the food cos was running around mostly. But my guests gave really good feedback about the food. My relatives...
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    Honeymoon expense and length

    We went to Germany, Austria and Switzerland for 21 days for our honeymoon - free and easy and drove around for most part of the trip. If you or your hubby can drive, and is comfortable with left hand drive/not afraid to try, you should go on a drive trip!! If you intend to rent the car, get it...
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    Buying Diamond Ring

    I had my wedding jewelry customized. Was very happy with the results, 'cos we could mix and match designs that I like.:) you gals should consider too!
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    that is an interesting idea! it will also be nice if you walked down the aisle yourself too :) will definitely look very pretty on camera/video. congrats on your upcoming wedding! cheers!