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    How to tone up flabby arms, tummy and thighs in 3 months?

    could we just buy the cream from her? the $600 for 10 sessions include coming to your house? could we go to her house? eer..reason is that don't want my family to know i spending on such things..:P
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    Japan Tour (Hokkiado)

    hi icy, is fancl much cheaper in japan, than in singapore? and is it easy to find fancl? thanks
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    SHRI Bachelor of Commerce (Mgmt & HRM) Student around?

    the administration of the shri school is not good....that alone is frustrating
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    Prague - any advice?

    when i went there in 2005, i took finnair and it was singapore -> bangkok -> helkinsi -> prague if u buy food from the giant supermarkets there, it will be much cheaper. otherwise, i find shopping there expensive as they are using euro
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    hi, shellie i am interested. thanks [email protected]
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    Aerobics/gym workouts

    hi OJ, i stay in yishun too. want to join together? email me at [email protected]
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    hi rinnie, how is the transfer terms like and could the price be lowered further pls thanks. [email protected]
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    chatuchak still there, just went during christmas weekend
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    Bangkok - Samran Place Hotel, Good ???

    i think the 'king & i' is no longer there..i went there in March and wanted to go again yesterday but could not find it. the "Times square" is now "jasmine" something shopping center already...sigh
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    hi grace could i have the beautician contacts and details well. thanks [email protected]
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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    hi sleepkoara, could i have the picture pls. [email protected] thanks
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    Perth F&E

    infinite, i am going later this month (sept) to catch the wild flowers. it is not honeymoon though the airtickets are the SIA GV2 promotion - or u can try buying from friends who have krisflyer miles to spare. I think it is about 35K miles per return ticket to perth i bought the air...
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    Perth F&E

    infinite.. i bought the below for my coming trip.. fyi (1) ticket to perth by SIA = S$348 + tax of 300+ (x 2 tickets) (2) Perth City hotel 4 nights = A$79x4 (for 2 ppl) (3) Land tour of 6 days 5 nights to Busselton, Magaret River, Pemberton and Albany. Include the Karri valley resort which...
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    Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?

    can i have the details as well please. [email protected] thanks
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    u need to book 1 week in advance and valid all day for weekends/PH; 9am to 5pm for weekdays no usage of gym..but valid for any class
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    sleepykoara: no more aerobics package but power? aiyoo..that's much more expensive. sighh
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    naoki...u mean that woodlands will soon not have aerobics package in future? thanks
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    hi naoki, can u email me on ray pls. Thanks, i am interested in his classes and he no longer with amore..sighh thanks -->