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    Any recommmended salon to straighten hair?

    Hi, Do you mind going to home based salons? She is quite famous in flowerpod forum as her skills are superb. I've been to the home twice for rebonding. Friends, family and colleagues recommended that place to me. If you would like her contact, can email me at [email protected]. My hair...
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    Speech for Emcees

    hi can anyone share their emcee scripts?? tks! [email protected]
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    Future Father-in-law cannot compromise on a venue.. What can I do? Please advise..."

    how bout yun nan at NTU Alumni Club @ buona vista? You can use the main hall for your wedding, they have cocktail recep before the wedding and the setup is quite nice too. moreover, they serve great food n has great service.
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    Love but cant work...

    yongqin, u said "And i dont change bf just bcoz this one refused to marry me or not suitable for me, im willing to wait and improve on it." ur way of improving is to "change ur bf to somebody whom u think suit u" or "change urself to suit ur bf better?" if u think tt your love for ur bf...
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    Love but cant work...

    yongqin, there is totally no point for u to change your boyfren. if u love him enough, u r den able to love him for who he is, nnot find ways n means to change this person to someone tt suits u just bcox u claim tt u love him. i did not totally read thru every single post in this thread...
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    What to get for bf's birthday!??! <IMG SRC="

    hmmm not sure leh i nvr go for sky dining before :X hehe... u can call 6377 9688 to check. actually im oso using HTC Touch Diamond..initially it sux la but after getting used to it, seems quite fun leh..haha Erm im looking at big bags, like the size of those hand carry bf bday...
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    A Place for Singles

    eh which brand got nice duffle bags?
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    Where to go this june?

    ya i agree with powder...johor is not very safe..better for u all to go in bigger group..
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    What to get for bf's birthday!??! <IMG SRC="

    wow diffy, still one more month u already start preparing ah?? i thot he already bought a HTC? My bf's birthday also coming...gonna buy a duffle bag for him.. any recommendations?
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    Hi van, hope that the trip to phuket will freshen u up.. hope u can try to put the unhappy past behind u and move on for a better life.. enjoy ur trip!
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    What to get for bf's birthday!??! <IMG SRC="

    u can go to mount faber for cable car dinner. sky dining would b pretty nice..
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    RE : Questions for guys

    powder, does ur wife knows about this? > "my balance in life is more like 20%mum, 20%wife, 20%frens, 20%me, 20%world"
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    Getting a new house-fussy parents in law

    I agree with Faith..u will nvr know how u PIL perceive the loan. I heard of many cases when the couple do not agree with PIL over some issues, PIL will withdraw the loan or press the couple for payment. Of coz, i do not mean that ur PIL will definitely be one of those in-laws, but u really have...
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    My 17k dream flat come true...

    hi yoyo, can email me your contractor's contact to me @ [email protected] THanks!!!
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    Is he right or wrong for me?

    Quiting smoking will be a gd decision not only for the relationship, but also your life.. I feel that your boyfriend is too 'logical'..I had a boyfriend like tt too, and he is always reminding me how caring he is towards me, and tt i don't give him enough. initially, i tried to put in...
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    A secret to shared !!!pls help!!!

    eh no more prt 4 ah?
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    I gave up on our 3 mths of marriage

    Hi Nolem, Having a marriage is going into another phase of your life. This phase of life is not going to be easy unless you put in some effort into 'managing' it. The reason why both of u got married is because u love one another, deeply. ALWAYS remember this crucial point. From my point...
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    Advice on ANG POW BOX

    hi, anyone know where to buy big heart-shaped boxes?
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    Ang Pao Box

    hi, i need to find a big heart shaped box like christine's..anyone knows where to find?