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    Facial recommendation

    Hi any good home based facials in the west?
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    2017 brides

    Hi all can anyone advise what is the rate for solemnizer angbao
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    Nov 2017 brides

    Hi all new here. My ROM will be on 11 Nov too. But i have not managed to get a solemnizer. Anyone got any solemnizer to introduce? I have emailed / smsed alot of JP/ Solemnizer but most of them are unable to make it or have not replied. :oops:
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    1 2 Lose Weight

    Hi i am interested
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    Lose 8kg in 3 weeks slimming deal

    Hi whr to buy this deal
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    Need advices desperately

    Thx all for the advices. I have finally talked through with my hb.
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    Need advices desperately

    Thanks sadman. After leaving this marriage I dn think I will want to get married. I dn thimk i am suitable for a committed rs. Or maybe I just did nt meet tje 'right' one. But how many has. :/
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    Need advices desperately

    Uglydude would you know how to go abt applying for DOS? I cam let him have everything as I am the one having EMA. But I dono how to break it up with him.
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    Divorce or Separation Questions - need advice

    Saw that this thread is alr sometime ago but still I hope someone can advise me. I am married to my hb for 3yrs. But I unhappy and wanted to divorce. He is nt a bad man. The problem lies with me I am the one having EMA with a guy that does not know that I am married n my hb does not know of...
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    Need advices desperately

    Can I apply for the deed of separation? And wait out tje 3yrs if he agrees to divorce and 4yrs if he does not agrees?
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    Need advices desperately

    Hi all, I really need advices. I am 28 this year and have been with my husband for 8yrs inclusive of 3yrs marriage. However I am unhappy in this marriage and I have strayed a few times before. In the 8yrs our marriage has been rocky. And now I wanted out of the marriage. Knowing him he does not...