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    Wedding Shoes

    Hihi, actually just wondering can anyone even see your shoes since the gowns are so long? Unless you are wearing those short kind. I decided to get a nude colour pair of shoes so that I can re-wear after the wedding due to my thinking above.
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    WTS: Wedding Table Styling $88

    Hihi! Can PM me the details? Thanks!
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    Master David Tong's Advice Corner (Geomancy and Fengshui)

    Hi Master Tong Is it true that we can't attend a friend's wedding 3months before/ after our own? If can attend, is it ok to be the jie mei? Thanks.
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    2017 brides

    Hi! I booked my dinner at Sofitel sentosa! AD is in Dec 2017.
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    2017 brides

    Hey Elmo! I have chosen Odelia Bridal as well! When is you AD? Mine is 3rd Dec 2017.
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    Dec 2017 Brides

    Have only booked my dinner at sofitel sentosa and pws at odelia bridal. Will just chill and slowly read up more for now. Btw, any other ideas besides doing a wedding montage during the dinner? Find that abit boring.
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    Dec 2017 Brides

    Hi all! I'm new here too! Will be getting hitched on 3rd Dec! =D Didn't know that 3rd Dec was such a popular date.