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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    hi winnie i might be interested to go. will update u again. thanks
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    Cooking Recipes as promised

    hi winnie can i have ur recipe collections. both of them, thanks. my email : [email protected] i love cooking too. but now after having baby, no time to cook. always cater food
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    Honeymoon Fund" - Contribution needed!!!

    hi my church friends all subscribe to putting this in the invitation cards. maybe u might want to consider. "If it is a gift you are pondering, one from from the mint u might consider, whatever you may decide, it is your presence we most delight"
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    hi dumpling my friend is dealing with hall decor. i think cheaper than the florist.. u interested? can email me at [email protected] regd joanne
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    Feel unwell after drinking coffee

    hi this happen to me if i have an overdose of coffee. or maybe the coffee is too strong for me. i will even feel that my heart beats much faster than ever and end up shivering away..
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    DIAMONDS Lovers!!!

    hi sorry to interrupt.. anyone here interested in getting a diamond ring which is 0.91 carat , I colour, VS1. the cut is round brilliant. actual value is $10,000 from Aspial. willing to let go at $7500. anyone interested, plse email me... btw it is a with a champagn gold ring. price is...
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    How to address

    hi sgblingff i refer to all the ladies i invited as Ms XXX. and those who are married will be Ms XXX and partner. if i knew both their name will be MR and MRs YYY
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    (2002) Brides of year 2002

    hi all, i think mine will be the really last min... i had got all ready except my guest list and my invitation...only meeting the printer tomorrow.. hope they can do it fast... regd joanne