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    hard cover wedding invitation & customised wedding souvenier

    hi Violet, Thanks for sharing. did you order the cards and the printing together ? as normally for hotel one, card and inner are separated. Any chinese words from the vendor you refer to ? Roughly they offer $2 for one card. Cheers,
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    Indonesian Brides!!

    Hi all, It's my first time to read indonesia's brides forum after so many times browsing this website last time. I am Indonesian got married with sporean.. same with all of you. I got married in oct 2008. Glad to know that our wedding preferences are more or less the same. hehehe...
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    Amore Fitness Membership

    Hi all, I signed up with Amore as well. Expired dates is 5 years from now. I think Amore package is transferable in the sense that many users can use one card BUT to book the appointment has to be the person whose name is written in the card. Let say for me : I signed the $5K...
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    A good pushup bra

    Hi all, wacoal pushup works well for me I only bought VS panties since their material is really good but as for the bra, mine is too small for their size during my wedding day, I wore nu-bra kindda bra, forgotten the brand Cheers~!
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    10 Good Beauty Salons to recommend

    I go to Amore every month and I signed up package with them... first time was $3.5K and after more than 6 times, I decided to upgrade to $5K due to good service and result. Expired days are 5 years from now Amore package is quite different with any other salon. $5K package entitles me to do...
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    hard cover wedding invitation & customised wedding souvenier

    Hi All, Would like to hear from all of you how important a wedding invitation and wedding souvenier for you ??? As for myself, wedding invitation is a symbol to tell people how your party will be roughly. So, I prefer a more special design with hard cover and photo The same thing with...
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    A Place 2 Show Off Your Love Nest

    Hi Qwerty, It's very beautiful of your new house. I like the sofa design for dining table. May I know how much does it cost ? Do we need to engage contractor for that kindda dining ? Thanks ~!
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    Regret to marry him

    As far as I understand, after getting ROM with sporean, Ling is eligible to apply PR/citizen directly. And since Ling got ROM one year back, why Ling didn't do it at first ? @Ling : in my opinion, if you already regret to marry him before you have your customary wedding, you need to think...
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    Help! Marriage treading on a thin red line.

    @junkie : Yeah I think so. Back to the wedding celebration think, who is getting married ? As a parents, when it comes about cross culture, do you want to be happy yourself by sticking to your culture only or be a little bit flexible of all the customary and see your child's happiness during...
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    Help! Marriage treading on a thin red line.

    Hi Cuclainne, Yeah.. I always put a hope that everyday is getting better as long as hb really be my side. But as what he mentioned yesterday, after some periode he said that he didn't mean it. I was just thinking that someone whould have put deep inside the heart and when he was angry...
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    Help! Marriage treading on a thin red line.

    @ mark78 : Thanks for your input. Q1. It is because that the son initially agreed upon that. He promised me that whenever his parents wanted to reject, he will still continue the tea ceremony with my parents since their parents were the one who didn't want to. Q2. Can I ask you one thing...
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    Help! Marriage treading on a thin red line.

    Hi Green, Thanks for your input. I just hope that PIL appreciate our culture not all belongs to them. At least I do have parents. It's impossible to follow them all. Yes, my hb probably getting sick of it. I am also getting sick of PIL behavious that never see me exist. In this case, I just...
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    Help! Marriage treading on a thin red line.

    I have been married for only 6 months but we have dated for 8 years already. I was so true to his family until do all the housework when MIL said only one word : "pain". That was before i got married. Coz i have the principal that PIL is the same with my own parents. Who knows when we were about...
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    Any JPs for recommendations? <IMG SRC=""

    Hi Girls, There are a lot of very famour JPs outside who are usually difficult to engage. I engaged Prof. Kwoh Chee Kiong as my JP. He is really nice, very patient. In fact on AD, he came earlier than the time we invited him. He is tolerable in the sense that when my daddy forgot to bring...
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    A Simple Wedding - Anyone

    Hi all, Seems that a simple wedding becomes favourite for the young generation. am i right ?? I had my simple western ROM followed by wedding lunch @ the Art house. Even our preparation was only 2 months. We had our 70 intimates frenz and relatives only with international buffet style...