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    Hi Babycupid, Are you joining the ananda travel tour on the 25Oct? Cos i saw your posting in another thread..
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    Ananda Travel, anyone?

    Babycupid,did you go for the briefing last saturday? they upgraded the airline from qatar to will you be entitled the HM discount? Anyway, i was toking to this collegue of mine who flew by Qatar this year...she said that is basically a no frills airline..the service on the plane...
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    Ananda Travel, anyone?

    Hi babycupid, I am also traveling to Switz/Paris on 25 Oct by Ananda! Was browsing the forum for postings on whether to go for the optional tour to jungfrau...then saw your posting under the switz thread...was still wondering if you are same tour as me cos you also flying on 25..came to this...
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    Tasmania - DIY!

    Hi bortei, so how much did you spend for your trip in tasmania...thinking of F&E too....but same as you just gotten our licence and din want to be overly stressed up with driving.... did you book your accomodation here? through agency or internet? any good recommendations for tour agency...