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    Hi Shellie Please email me the details. My email [email protected] I would like to know more. Thanks
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    Armpit Hairs

    Hi simplyrusset Is the IPL for underarms at SpaHaven good? After yout 10 sessions, does your hair grow back? Is the underarm hair 100% gone? I really looking for a good hair removal place. If spahaven is good. I will try. Awaiting for your answer.
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    Marie France

    The 15 sessions are all wrappings. According to manager, it is also capable to bring down inches at tummy and hip. Let me know if you are interested. tks.
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    Marie France

    Of course I am sure. I can offer you at that price. I can give you the manager name whom i bought the package from. You can write privately to my email if you want.
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    Marie France

    There is no specific treatment mentioned. It is tailored to the person. I can offer at $800(negotiable). I pay for $950.
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    Marie France

    It is a 15 session slimming programme signed at Bishan. According to manager, can change to other services as well. I have checked and the location can be changed. fatcat: if you are interested, I can offer you a discount.
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    Marie France

    I have a 15 sessions marie france package(not used at all) to let go as I have no time to use it. I can offer at a discount. Anyone interested, please let me know.