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    Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted

    hi Aeina, thanks for the contact..but just to check it the contractor able to design as well ? i knoe it sounds a bit demanding .. i'm not sure whether it is appropriate to disclose my previous contractor..anyway, we just had a bad experience with them...
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    Contractors for Renovation (Non-ID) Wanted

    hi gwen & villa, does ur contractor designs as well ? actually i just finished my reno but my contractor give me a bad experience and poor workmanship and i stop some of the items with looking for another to continue with the items... pls email me the details at this following...
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    (2004) Brides of year 2004

    dolphin, did u try on their gowns when u made the 1st visit to the bridal studio ? i did try on a few pcs at the bridal shop which i sign off with. We take up the package partly bcos of the price and partly we will bit lazy to scout around. And after we sign up with them, my FH say not to look...