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    Nu Ren Wo Zui Da (Taiwan)

    Is thhis ultrasonic thing really good? I am tempted to get the Facemate one but cannot get reply from the manufacturer Kabumedo. I heard LED light therapy and ultrasonic devices are good to work in combination and facemates seems to have it
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    dont you guys think that people asking you to 'email' me or give me your email for more info are just spammers or direct sellers or people who are trying to sell you something. This is a forum and if you have anything 'unbiased' to share, please do so here. Please dont be so sotong to...
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    Any good recommendation for facial IPL?

    I find the dark circles under the eyes improved a lot after IPL. I havent done for almost 8-9 months and now I see it's coming back. Might go back again to do my under eyes. It didnt help me freckles at all, as it must be dark enough. Mine is a bit and small sized. Pores are slightly tigher and...
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    Best mascara??

    Has anyone tried the new loreal mascara?? Any comments?
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    Youthful Looks - Imedeen, bird's Nest, Yomeishu, DOM???

    HI everyone, I take EPO and vitamin C. Last month just started collagen powder but so far no diff. Am worried as due to ageing and work stress- look haggard and skin slackening. Does anyone have any idea if Imedeen or Estime plus other new skin supplements are good? Jes-why you...
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    Sunblock for face - share your experience here! <IMG SRC="

    Am I the only one that has problem with sunblock peeling off when I put foundation?
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    Suffering for years...pls help !!!

    Hi, for those who have confirmed endo, any difficulties getting pregnant?? I am planning to get married, so worried I can't get pregnant. Doc says only get the lap done if you can't get pregnant, otherwise, no need.
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    Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical - Slimming/Breast Enlargement Acupuncture+

    hi Jasmine, I read in flowerpod that a lot of people didn't see result.!? Now confused if I should try or not...
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    Anyone considering Botox to contour face?

    i heard someone got hers done in JB for 600 SGD per session. Anyone got lobang for KL or JB botox?
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    Sunblock for face - share your experience here! <IMG SRC="

    anyone have a problem using sunblock- when i put my founddation, the sunblock comes off like dead skin. So annoying. In the end I skip sunblock. If I use japanese brand sunblock no such problem but have white face instead. Brands like loreal-very oily shiny face. Is there no good brand that...
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    Tan Kan Ming Chinese Medical - Slimming/Breast Enlargement Acupuncture+

    hello! Anyone else tried? Am only interested in increasing 1 cup size. Thanks Ping for posting all the info. It is much appreciated.
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    Mascara - Pls recommend your fav. brand

    the sales girl was promoting fiberwing to me (she was wearing it) but actually she looked a bit scary to me because it was thick and clumpy.Not sure if it's the way she put it but it turned me off the brand.
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    Ways to enhance breast without surgery???

    Ping, where did you go for the acupuncture?