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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    SSAC: I was joking with my HTB on our monogram, we could just take A&W since it fits our names lol...
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    YJZL: Can't seem to PM you
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    piglet: Wow... $11k is a lot of $$$. You must have a big budget for everything :X not forgetting our flats are coming too. I think for us, honeymoon probably be in US instead and at a later date.
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Jun: Mind sharing the FB group that you guys have created? Would like to take a look
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    ROM in restaurants? Pls suggest!

    Chantel: I'm doing mine at Hai Tien Lo for approx 8 tables. If you would like to take a look at the menus, just PM me
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Hullo ladies... Hope all are well Time passes real fast! With just less than 5 months from our wedding dates! I still haven't done much and gonna have my vacation breaks in July and August :P
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Precious: I'm not having PS and other stuff such as bouquet, brothers/sisters. It's just a ROM ceremony conducted by HTB's aunt and a dinner at a restaurant. We're skipping all those traditional customs and most likely GDL would just be settled with an ang pow.
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    (2011/11) Nov 2011 BTB

    Precious: Wow you've got one whole list. I'm having none in your list. Still thinking if I could just do away with the clothes.
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    JP - Dr Phua Tan Tee

    $28 is just a guide given in ROM website. You can give more and I think $28 is a little low for transport and time if you expect the solemniser to come all the way. Esp. if s/he has to travel from one end to another or drive into Sentosa.
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    10 pax ROM.. Any recommendations for venue?

    Guys, you can try Royal China at Raffles Hotel, Pine Court at Meritus Mandarin or Grand Asia at Odeon Towers. Do note these restaurants could only do at most 2 - 3 tables in their private rooms. Hope it helps
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    (2011) 2011 Brides

    Ee & Sapphire05: Yea, HTB also said it's too expensive. Most likely dropping the idea lol...
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    (2011) 2011 Brides

    Heya ladies, do you think it's worth to spend $10k or more to go for facials just for the Big Day? I'm considering SK-II spa boutique for its Ravishing Brides Program (my colleagues and boss recommend their products) but it's so so expensive! Am also booking the Loft Suite at Pan Pac...
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    Any brides here does not have a proposal ring?

    Mimi: That's my wedding band, you could request for a better WB? HTB always joked that his was a silent proposal. We won't have SDJ too, our ROM cum AD is this Nov with simple dinner.
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    Any brides here does not have a proposal ring?

    Mimi: mine too, no proposal and no ring. Most important thing is that you are alright with this. We just went ahead to buy a flat, but HTB bought me a better wedding band - solitaire with pave diamonds
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    Batam-weekend gateway?

    Actually its better for you to use IDR ruppiah if you are eating and shopping. The last time when I stayed at Holiday Inn, they only accept SGD for services, even at the ferry pier in Batam too. We changed SGD250 to ruppiah and there's still quite a bit left for our 2D1N trip, we ate A&W...
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    Advice needed on F&E Honeymoon in USA for coming DEC 2011 **

    Super_kindaichi: you like reading comics too? How about decide where you wanna visit first and do some reading up on Lonely Planet? My HTB is bugging me to go USA for our HM in late Nov too. We went to Tokyo F&E more than 1 wk and somehow I managed to do my own itinerary even though...
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    Pan Pacific Singapore

    Hi ladies, is it crazy to book one of the Suites in Pan Pac Hotel ($6k per night) to do ROM? The room is great, has a superb view and a small balcony which my HTB was thinking of using it to put the table for ceremony.
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    Bvlgari ring

    Doreen: mine $7,560 (0.36ct D VVS1) and his $1,680. Prices might have gone up again in March, according to the staff. We got them before the hike.
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    10-20 pax ROM

    sian_12: You can try Royal China at Raffles Hotel, Pine Court at Meritus Mandarin or Grand Asia at Odeon Towers. Those few were in my list, but they could only do 2 - 3 tables in their private rooms. Thus I'm doing it elsewhere.
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    (2011) ROM in 2011

    Regina: I'm doing it at Hai Tien Lo, about 5-8 tables. The menus are not cheap but since it's mainly for the elders, I dun mind paying a little more for better food. The bill could come up to $13-14k.