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    Any big sized girl? How do you handle when people say u are big sized?

    Joy joy, you said so yourself. You're healthy but just not born with the conventional slim body type. then why bother with what people say? if you've accepted your body , might as well work on dressing it up with the right clothes. Large people can also look very good, like Queen Latifah
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    Cost of Drawing Up a Will

    hmmm ... i was under the impression that even if the will was not written and witnessed by a lawyer, as long as it is stated clearly on the distribution of assets, all you need is a witness above 21 years old and your own signature.
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    Advice on Toner

    SKII and Bella toner can never go wrong. SkII smells funny because of the yeast but the results are very good. Too bad it's kind of ex, so i make sure that every drop is used up.
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    A Nightmare on my wedding day - the diamond ring

    How about Larry's? I heard it's more expensive but the flawless cut is brilliant.
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    Bella skin care

    Hi Alince, how much is the Bella promo now on facebook? Same as the package Nico is talking about? yburbur, did you try their hair removal service or just the products? I'm keen to try but two concerns are bugging me. 1) cost 2) scared of pain ah!!!
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    1/2 Nude wedding pics

    I would like to take semi nude shots too but really must tone up first or else i think we will both puke when the photos come out!
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    Any recommendation for good make up remover????

    Can try Bella Deep Pore Cleanser.I like it because it doesn't dry out my skin after the wash but the face feels very clean. From the website " This oil-free and fragrance-free deep pore cleanser effectively purifies skin by dislodging all kinds of impurities and makeup. As it leaves skin...
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    Be as hot as Christy Chung

    I'm almost 30 and i don;t think there wasa day in my life when i was as slim as Christy Chung. She is not the skinnest Mariefrance celeb around but her curves are so womanly, esp after her child birth. But the most attractive part about her is the personality - she makes people feel like...
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    Yes, soy is defintely good for ladies. I used to grind my own soya beans and brew the soya milk - fresh and creamy coz i can decide on how much beans to use, unlike the drinks outside which is usually diluted and too sweet. But had to stop after i started work. Too lazy to do so. Hey, has...
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    2 weeks slimming plan

    the thought of needles sticking into my body is enough to make me shiver. Threshold for pain is too low. Lol. My brother wanted to try the one with a lot of advertising ( can't recall the name) but he too, chickened out,haha Anyone thought of going vegetarian as an alternative way to lose...
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    Waxing? i need help!!

    Anyone tried the Bella Skin depilux system ( if i didn't get the name wrong) fronted by MarieFrance spokewoman Fann Wong? I heard about that and Strip through a few of the cabin crew friends.. if i really can't find a self waxing product, i may have to try going to a salon!!! * blush
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    Waxing? i need help!!

    purple bathtub, i believe you will have a problem selling your stuff coz people are usually not receptive to buying used personal items to do with hygiene. Plus the fact that you said : nothing came off" would put them off too.. Side note ladies, does anyone know of a wax for the personal...
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    1 year for me to slim 10 kg for my wedding

    Hi All, Anyone ever considered going vegetarian? I know most people can't do without their meat. After watching a documentary on the way animals are reared and killed and what actually goes into their feed to make them plump a lot faster than normal,i have been staying away from meat. It...