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    Ways to enhance breast without surgery???

    wanna try dermacare? very effective. saw the demo earlier. the measurements r taken from collarbone to nipple. instant uplift within 10 mins. the breasts of the models perk up higher abt 0.5cam-1.5cm within 10mins of applications. from the testimonials, the girls cup size increase from C to E, B...
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    hi lab_baby79 (lab_baby79), personally i find B&H very good. my bloated stomach oso disappear oredi. my stomach is flat despite how much i eat.. :p i can help u get cheaper if u r interested to try. [email protected]
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    huh? toilet seat oso can help bowel movement? sound unbelieveable leh? how much is it? my constipation has improved ever since i started pai du mei yan bao.. i feel good lor now that i can go toilet everyday.. i feel more clean & less bloated.. i loved this product lor..
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    Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?

    i'm sure u r not boasting abt it.. u oso want to share abt your happiness abt weight loss. who dun? i oso like to share my weight loss.. to me, 25kg weight loss is a really big big achievement leh.. heehee..
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    Who'd maintained weight loss for years? What are your tips? Please share with me...

    like to share my weight loss story.. i used to b 86kg.. managed to lose more than 25kg to date.. my achievements.. heehee.. but managed to lose 12kg in 3mths thru a meal replacement diet more confidently coz my weight dint boucned as wat the doc's pills, slimming centres did to me previously...
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    r ur stools hard or soft? coz i suspect u hv piles.. internal inside ur system.. do take care.. otherwise dun think anyone can paint the toilet bowl red (blood) leh.. better to consult a doc for precaution purposes..
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    Bloated stomach

    i oso take pai du mei yan bao (B&H).. solved my bloatedness & my constipation.. now i can go toilet 2x daily.. i feel good even if i dun hv enuf rest the previous nite.. i feel terrible during mensus coz feel bloated.. now ok oredi.. feel so happy tt i found this miracle pill.. my...
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    Constipation (Anyone has any help)

    i take 排毒美é¡å¯¶ too.. helps me to detox & go toilet.. i used to have constipation problem.. now i can go 2x daily.. very happy.. esp i feel less bloated now.. more alert & my complexion improves as a result of detox.. ppl say i look more radiant too.. if interested to get...
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    Any fast ways to reduce weight within 2mths time?

    i think u r oredi very thin leow. pls dun bother to slim down. girls need some fats, no matter how much u hate it.. dun b silly & continue to slim.. it is not healthy 4 u.. no offence being made.. but to me, slimming is for those with real weight problem.. not for u.. pls take care. i...
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    my friend, dignosed with hypothyriod, has managed to lose weight thru' a meal replacement diet. inch loss too.. organic product & no side effects. if interested, pls email to [email protected]
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    Which Slimming Centre is the Best ?

    i'm taking meal replacement diet. I lost 12kg in 3mths. weight maintain more than 6 mths oredi. no side effects. organic & all natural ingredients. diet is guided by a nutritionist. if interested,can email me at [email protected]
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    Pai Du Mei Yuan Bao

    I'm oso taking B&H.. very good detox pdt. coz my complexion improve, more alert even if i sleep less & most importantly, it solved my constipation problem. i can go toilet 2x daily now.. so happy. I love B&H. i'm oso one of their distributors. guardian is selling at $75 for a...
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    I saw the show. Super ABOBA - eat right based on your blood type. very good. My friends & I lost weight with it too. can email to [email protected] if interested.