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    Oct 2016 BTB

    I have 8 bridesmaid as well! I went to city plaza and it's about that price as well. I'm now looking through Taobao. It's much cheaper there
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    Oct 2016 BTB

    My mua said I should start my make up at 4. Isit Too early? I'm planning to have htb enter my place latest 745am.
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    Oct 2016 BTB

    Ya me too. My ROM is at 11. Initially I wanted to do all tea ceremony at hotel. Like htb pick me up and str to the hotel. But in the end htb side wants us to go back to his place first. I'm afraid there's not enough time :(
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    Oct 2016 BTB

    hello! Any btb having luncheon and did up their AD schedule? I'm having a really hard time coming out with the schedule. it seems like everything is so rush!
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    Orchard Hotel

    Hi! i'm also a OH btb. Do you guys know which floral vendors OH uses? And any graduated brides/btb can share ur theme photos of ur ballroom? TIA!
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    (2016) 2016 brides

    Hi, any graduate brides or BTB from Beautiful Love wedding? Any recommendations for MUA? TIA!
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    Oct 2016 BTB

    Wow! There's quite a few 2nd oct bride. Hows your preparation so far? I'm kinda stuck after I booked my venue and bs. Felt like I'm done. Hahaha
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    Oct 2016 BTB

    Hello. I'm a 2nd Oct btb!
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    WTS Rico-a-mona bridal package

    Hi. Can also send me the details of the package? Thanks! [email protected]
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    The Feline Bridal Pre and Full Wedding Package to let go

    Hi! Can you also send the details of the package to me? [email protected] Thanks!
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    Gardens by the Bay

    Hi @Dreamymon , mind sharing the details as well? Can pm or email me [email protected] Thanks! :)