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    Can you whatsapp me at 90694724 or email me at c[email protected] if this package is still avail? Many Thanks!! :)
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    Letting go Malena Haute Couture Actual Day Package

    Hi, can you whatsapp me at 90694724 if it's still avail! Many thanks and have a good day ahead! ;);)
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    Malena Bridal Haute Couture Reviews

    My htb almost signed the package with them. They definitely have beautiful gown but I did not feel that I like any of the gown I tried... I would really advise all BTB to think it through without stress and pressure from the coordinator / sales person. My sales coordinator, Jean was very...
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    What wedding car do you think is nice?

    Hi Chin Leng! My husband to be really wanted to rent a Ford Mustang. May I know where u rent it from? You can email me at [email protected] !! Thank you a million in advance!!
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    France Paris 法国巴黎

    I went for my first consultation with them today and I really love a gown I tried on today that I almost sign the actual day package with them! ;);) My only worry is that they will bring u nice gown to make sure that u signed the package with them, but the nice gowns will be somehow not...
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    2019 BTB

    I would recommend nubra!
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    2019 BTB

    That's very good to hear! Really happy for you! Will try to go The Gown Warehouse next time! Do you have any ideal gown in mind? I have tried gowns that I like but not really a gown that I feel like "this is the one"! Is it too dramatic to wait for the feeling?:oops:
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    2019 BTB

    Hi all BTBs! I am also looking to get married in 2019. :p I will be going my mother hometown, Penang for my prewedding shoot. So I am just looking at local actual day package. But I have problem choosing bridal studio for my actual day wedding. I have went to: -Z wedding at 2017 BOWS : forget...