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    Can HDB enforce the transfer of flat to me(who is eligible) from my ex fiance who refuse to sign the

    I take it that the resale transection has been completed, and you are now within the 3 month period to submit the marriage cert. Logically, the transection is over, and both guy and lady considered joint owner. If guy takes his name out, means is a 2nd transection to sell his share to you...
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    Additional Info on Housing

    I am not sure whether it makes sense to divide up the home based on such minute percentages, for TS particular life stage. If this was a normal investment property, likely it will be disposed off by the probate, and the proceeds divided out based on the percentage. This makes sense. But...
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    Additional Info on Housing

    Identifying the beneficiary is easy. Identifying that trusted someone who is willing to administer the probate dilligently is hardest!
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    My parent is selling Fake stuffs without realized it

    Indonesian case? Isn't $40K SGD is a huge bail amount in Indonesia?
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    Cost of Drawing Up a Will

    The info is incorrect. Properties are owned as either "Joint Tenancy" or "Tenancy in Common". Default is "Joint Tenancy", meaning if 1 party dies, the surviving party gets everything. "Tenancy in Common" means there is stated % share. It does not automatically pass over to the surviving...
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    HELP! Advices needed! Appreciated with thanks!

    It's your life, it's your marriage. Take control. Every SO comes with their baggage. If u cannot accept the baggage, move on. Don't think that just because u are a SO, the baggage will go away. Ppl will do things, weird to u, but perfectly normal to others. U don't have to take it personally.
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    Buying a condo unit

    Unlikely property prices will drop. At most is stagnant, or vol drop only. It is in none of the stakeholders interest to see property prices drop. Prices drop when ppl's holding power is weakened by rising interest rates or unemployment. With massive govt debt around the world, how likely...
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    Cost of Drawing Up a Will

    The Wills Registry is just like a table of contents that points to where the will is being kept.. The wills Registry do not keep wills. If the law firm closes down, then u need to take the will back, and store it somewhere else.
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    Some advice needed for divoice

    Actually, since the property is not in his name, u dun really have to worry so much in this dept. Because for him to claim anything, the burden of proof is on him to show what he has contributed towards the property. There are bigger things to worry about. Besides, reno, a person can say, he...
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    Kids and Marriage

    1. Cannot do a cost-benefit analysis for having kids. The benefits are intangilble and priceless. The sacrifices are tremendous. Imagine being in Disneyland, but being stuck on a bench with a kid napping on your lap. 2. Most couples will eventually have kids. Slowly, friends and peers will be...
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    Some advice needed for divoice

    By default, the ownership of the property is joint tenancy. Meaning there is no % assigned to the ownership. Only when the property is registered as Tenancy in common then the 25% is meaningful. Since he did not finance it, then he got no ownership claims to it. He has got to prove that...
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    Some advice needed for divoice

    Who are the legal owners of the condo? Did he contribute any $ towards financing the condo? If his name is not in the title, and he did contribute some $, then at most is he can fight for the $ contribution he had paid. When u say your share is 25%, is the title under tenancy in common or...
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    Fall in love with a two timer

    TS, If he often threatened breakup, means he was not happy with something in the relationship, but was willing to work things out again. The fact that he is planning a marriage so soon.. I am guessing he wanted to marry u... but u dragged/ din say "yes"? I concur with Denise80.. it sounds...
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    Advice needed on F&E Honeymoon in USA for coming DEC 2011 **

    hi pantieileen, Ya lah.. it's me..
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    Advice needed on F&E Honeymoon in USA for coming DEC 2011 **

    Super Kindaichi : since u are planning for a honeymoon, then yr objectives are vastly different from other travellers. I would think u shd focus on a leisurely pace rather than try to cover every attraction. Focus on capturing memorable moments, avoid situations where the stress of travel...
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    Depressed, need help

    Turn on your PM
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    Surprisesss.... for my HTB

    Just pray the hotel dun need keycard to activate the lift..
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    Getting back to ex

    Is always better to have friends than to have bitter enemies. 2nd time round, ppl less likely to take each other for granted. So I think 2nd time round more appreciative.
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    My Wife Has Died

    Alienwoman, I am just curious, why both of u pak tor for 6 yrs? Isn't that kind of draggy? Noone brought up the topic of marriage?