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    (2014/01) Jan 2014 BTB

    Hi I am a Jan 2014 BTB!=) 25th Jan 2014..have not decided which banquet hotel yet. Likely 12 tables, shortlisted Pan Pac Orchard, Mandarin Oriental and Grand Copthorne Waterfront. Any comments on the food and service of these 3 places? Thanks! =)
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    Mandarin Oriental vs Pan Pac Orchard vs Grand Copthorne Waterfront?

    Hello everyone! My fiance and I plan to get married in Jan 2014. We have shortlisted 3 hotels for our lunch banquet for about 12 tables: Mandarin Oriental Pan Pac Orchard Grand Copthorne Waterfront I can't decide which one to choose (although my fiance is more inclined towards Pan Pac...