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    (2010/05) May 2010 BTB

    Hi hv u guys heard tht nw play songs in montAge need to pay royalty?
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    Montage songs copyright after 1 may 2010

    Anyone had paid royalty for the songs played in childhood montAge?
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    Cellini Furniture

    i just bought a promotion Flow set (black and white series) with Matthew from park mall yesterday. the furniture will deliver 4 days before my an chuan.. i hope they don't delay becoz 8days after they deliver is my wedding day liao... any issues with matthew so far? are all their delivery bound...
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    Academy Video Productions

    hi i can't enter into your site.. care to give me your rates for videgraphy @ [email protected]
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    Love & Co. Wedding Bands

    i agree that love n co's service and packaging and branding everything is so young and sweet. i love my proposal ring that my bf bought me... looking at it every moment and savouring the glitz and bling of the rock... can look for calvin from suntec branch, he's very attentive and sincere.
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    Love & Co - Proposal Ring

    hi, i just want to share my good experience with love n co @ suntec branch with Calvin. to be frank i rarely have praises for salesperson because they either don't make an impression or make too much impression coz they are pushy. but those who deserve a mention i will mention and recommend...
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    (2010/05) May 2010 BTB

    hello i bought @ D&C for less than $50
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    (2010/05) May 2010 BTB

    when's the suntec one huh?
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    (2010/05) May 2010 BTB

    yayun it's ok i haven't settle my AD package too.. and the bridal fair is confirmed based on this website:
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    (2010/05) May 2010 BTB

    finally i bought my shoes in time for the PS.. does it look very indian themed? haha...
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    (2010/05) May 2010 BTB

    oh its anna NUCCI ar.. haha.. i oso saw exactly the same designs @ Tangs Sale.. after discount is abt the same price as anna nucci (before discount).. just the label name different
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    (2010/05) May 2010 BTB

    Hihi.. im a May bride too.. 15 May to be exact. will be having my photoshoot end of this month at taiwan, i've booked hotel like 1~2 mths ago... im not sure if i should get a AD package with the current bridal or source another one.. anyone knows any bridal that has good AD package only...
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    JP Recommendation

    usually how much is the ang bao rate for JP? and if my solemnization is during the wedding dinner, do i need to leava a seat for the JP for the dinner?
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    hi min, do you mind sending the checklist to me @ [email protected] thanks in advance.
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    Any unisex spa for couple

    is the couple spa at batam good? harris got couple spa? or SG where got couple spa?
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    Bookstyle wedding photos printing

    sorry the quality of the pages of the books are something like those recipe books? soft?
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    Bookstyle wedding photos printing

    did anyone of u you display ur wedding book at the reception? how many pages were there? i'm afraid that if we display at reception might get creases from all the flipping by guests.. and if too many pages, guests might not have the patience to finish flipping all the pages... what would...
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    Advice : Things to look out for when choosing bridal package

    hi Tango, Can you let me know the contacts of the photographer who did your photoshoot? Did you do both indoor and outdoor as well? Thank you.
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    Advice needed: Solemization Ceremony during AD Banquet

    thanks petrina. but why is the duration longer to hold at pool? isn't the procedure same, only location different right?
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    Sequence of wedding events within a day (What should take place first)

    huh!??! must be kidding leh! then i think need to postpone to 2010 liaoz... that's discouraging. why so gan jiong huh? ahahaha