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    Outdoors wedding

    I had my wedding reception at Jewel Box two weeks ago. Small party (just 40+). I was initially planning to hold the solemnization at their garden but in the end decided to have a church ceremony. When we got to Jewel Box we just took some photos at the garden around the bell. It was quite humid...
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    Faber Peak Singapore (Formerly The Jewel Box)

    I had my AD lunch reception (just 40+ pax) at the Jewel Box a couple of weeks ago. Here are my comments and feedback: *Pre-wedding planning - the sales/events manager assigned to me was ok, responsive and took note of my requests *Actual day: 1. Food - good. We had food tasting about 2 weeks...
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    Make up trial - when do people usually do it?

    I decided to do a trial even if it meant paying extra, because I wanted to make sure I liked the MUA's style. It's also a chance to try out different hairstyles so that on the actual day you save time and stress :) however, if you already have a regular MUA who knows your style then maybe you...
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    WTS: Brand new SK II products

    Ooh I didn't know there was a bridal glow set. I got married 2 weeks ago, and in preparation I started re-using SK-II Facial Treatment Essence about 2 months before. My MUA commented that my skin looked better (compared to when I did my trial 4 months ago). I used it regularly 3 years ago but it...