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    Second Thoughts?

    I don't mind the house and marriage.I feels that I am not ready to marry but married cox of the flat. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the process of getting a flat and the marriage. I wanted to have my own space, away from my troubled family. But somehow felt that my SO is not as enthu as me, and is...
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    Troublesome parents

    (1) As you can read, I have already told them countless time upfront about my wedding but it can't get into their mind. And it is really not about old age. It is just their personalities...Guess they are too into themselves, they can't take note of other things around them. Selfish. (2) Well...
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    Troublesome parents

    Hi thank you for your reply. its in Dec. I just wish my parents could listen to me by heart. If not it is very tiring for me and my htb...
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    Troublesome parents

    12 months before - I got proposed. Family just "okay. even after they saw my ring" They asked when married, I said 2015, as soon as possible as our houses coming soon.. 6 months before -I told parents htb and me will hold a small banquet within our limit to share our joy. 3 months before - I...
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    Solemnization during my wedding lunch and chinese customary in the morning

    Here's my schedule : The day before wedding - Overnight stay in hotel with htb Wedding day - MUA to meet at hotel, get dressed Arrange pick up for parents Tea ceremony Solemnization Change of dress Wedding march in lunch Home sweet home
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    Unreasonable Dowry

    My dad plan to return $1000 and use some to buy gold for btb and gtb. But we rather not want such expensive gold cox' we can't find $8888 :x
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    Unreasonable Dowry

    My dad asked for $8888 but with no tables. He don't care about "traditional wedding", but isnt ping jin part of the "tradition".
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    Advise for Guo Da Li

    How about teochew bride marrying a Cantonese groom ? what should I prepare ?