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    Advice on Glittering powder

    Hi ariel, I am using this type of shimmer loose powder which is very good it can be use on face too the texture is very smooth & velvet feel. It is not available in store my gal frenz buy it for me. If u interested pls email to [email protected] for more details thk.
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    Any recommendation for ID and Contractors

    Hi clarine, I got to know Amos from Orange cube he's very helpful & responsible thumbup for his design & services.
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    Beauty Magic by Liren Neo (Makeup Artist)

    Hi Zilan, my gal frenz's friend is a Mua you can call her at ******** Andrel.
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    Any good sunblock to recommend?

    I now using Heliocare extreme50 UVB/UVA gel on my face and neck I find it not very rich & it absorb into the skin well moreover it had a very nice fragrance too.
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    Hi pls mail to me thks [email protected]
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    Eczema problems

    Hi vkdwnett, may I knw where to get the cream? Thk.
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    Rate your most ROMANTIC MOVIE !!!

    I luv Kate & Leopold.
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    Rebonding / Iron Relaxer

    Hi star I done my rebonding at YESS salon (Raffles branch) back in Aug 2004 & it really last me like 8mth when my friz grow back. I had really soft & silky hair for mths, before tat my hair is like wire & very frizy. Lot of people thought my rebonded hair was my orignal hair. Last...
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    "si dian jin (四点金)"

    Hi can anyone advise me? My hubby is Teo-chew & I am hokkien, according to my MIL she will not be giving me SDJ she told me that it the traditional of Teo-chew custom. However my mum & all my relative don't buy her. Due to this "traditional" it affects & strain our relationship...
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    (2006) Brides of year 2006

    Hi Can any brides to be provide some advise. My niece is going to have her customary wedding soon, when she ROM on 19 Jan 06 she did not wear a veil. Does she need to wear it on her actual day wedding? Cos my MIL don't know the rules & consult the elderly they say my niece don't need to...