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    Bangkok Accomodation - Advice

    novetel siam eq is really convenient the train station that stop in front of the hotel is the interchange. hard rock cafe is within walking distance got coca restaurant outside i have previously booked the hotel via after converting to SGD, it...
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    M Hotel Singapore

    u need to burn it as audio cd and not mp3
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    M Hotel Singapore

    hi milliefoo, at last i found another person who heard the same thing. i am going to press anna to have that arranged becoz that was what melvin represented to us before we placed the 3k deposit. if she insist there is no such arrangement, i will make sure she give a damn good reason.
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    M Hotel Singapore

    i remembered melvin mentioned in the initial stage that the chef will be around during food tasting so that we can feedback to him on the food. i remembered clearly on this becoz i was impressed that they have this type of arrangement during food tasting now that anna took over, she advised...
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    new flat already got power..jus need to turn on the circuit breaker if it's not open. maybe he charge u for testing your power or lighting sockets/points? not sure...y not ask yr contractor to clarify?
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    M Hotel Singapore

    did u all have the chef around during food tasting?
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    i dun think u need to reconstruct. not sure what is panel wall but i believe the walls are made of hollow blocks
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    A compilation of hidden costs

    my view under ** Hidden Cost List Update ----------------------- 1. Charge for each additional electrical power point ** I think additional point is addition. Perhaps they did not tell u upfront or they are under the impression that u do not need additional points? I dun tink they...
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    Admiralty Blk 688-690

    singtel is very cunning. their standard procedure is to give recycled numbers and even if u want to pay $100 for choice number, they may also give u recycled choice numbers. i faced the same problem when applying for new house line. went down to comcenter to choose from a few numbers. don't...
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    Carlton Hotel

    sunday times got an article reporting a couple's unhappiness with the hotel
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    WATER HEATER brands

    if HDB did not have such stupid waterpipes layout, a 30litres storage heater would have been enough for the whole house. but certain house, including mine, need to have 2 separate heater at 2 bathroom
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    Curtains! Curtains!

    how much were u charged for roman blinds?
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    WASHING MACHINE-which brand is good?

    why no one recommend electrolux? Top load = opening at open Front load = opening in front
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    Qian Xi Restaurant??

    i tink u r referring to the Qian Xi Lou at marina south at Superbowl country club. if that's the one, dun think there is any poolside or those kinda of poolside u r expecting. not really a ballroom either coz basically it is more like a seafood restaurant. but the food not bad
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    Admiralty Blk 688-690

    hi dap, can share how much u spent on your lights from lumiere? how much discount did u get?
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    Comments and Suggestions about

    since this is an open forum, i believe all of us are sensible and rational enough to make your own conclusion whether the postings that one read is true or false. there is no doubt some may add in their own bias etc etc but i think there is no necessity for the moderator to put up any note to...
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    How to tidy up the forum?

    i think something need to be done with the forum coz there are simply too many duplicate thread on the same topic. people juz start a new thread on the same topic.. possible reason? coz there are simply too many thread and people are lazy or do not wish to scan through whether the topic they...
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    Admiralty Blk 688-690

    hi tulips n angeline, how much are you paying for per sq foot for your aluminium windown grills? what is yr total area?
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    hi knowing, this guy from gain city said Fujiair assembled in China..
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    Fuji Air made in China, although using Japanese parts