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    Anybody has a DIY template (chinese n eng wording) for inserts?

    Hi Smilem & blurkitty, do you mind to give me the contacts for the printer in JB? my email is [email protected] Thanks!!!
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    Faber Peak Singapore (Formerly The Jewel Box)

    I face the same problem too. The coordinator and the wedding planner are 2 different person. I had to chase Jewel Box for my wedding proposal several times before they emailed me. To make thing worse, the banquet pricing that the coordinator gave me is different from what the planner gave. I ask...
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    Faber Peak Singapore (Formerly The Jewel Box)

    Hi Cloudy or anyone Please share with me your package and details too? Am looking at 220 paxs (think its their max rite?). My email is [email protected] Thanks!!
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    Anyone member of THe China Club??

    u can just drop them a email or call them. Its not limited to club members. However they no longer open on Sunday thus the only weekend option is Saturday.
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    Hotel Fort Canning

    Hi I am looking at holding my wedding at HFC, if anyone would like to transfer their existing package along with their perks, I would welcome it. Please email me at [email protected] Thanks!!