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    CS Travel

    Please do not join CS Travel for those of you who have yet to sign a package with them. This company is totally screwed! In Feb 2013, my in laws and us (my husband and I) signed up for their Europe tours at the NATAS fair. My in laws departure date was May 2013 and ours was Dec 2013 after our...
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    Dowry matter

    I just got married last December 2013. My husband gave $8888 to my parents as the bride price and my parents returned him $8K, my in laws got me a set of jewellery for about $2.6K. On the wedding day, my husband gave my mother $688 when he came to fetch the bride and my parents bought me more...
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    Advise for Guo Da Li

    Chill, relax & enjoy the process. It is only once in a lifetime. My huaband accedded accedeed to all my mum's requests. My parents did not ask for alot of things but my mum requested for more boxes of cakes kinda last minute. I will feel really disappointed if my husband to be can't accord my...
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    Advise for Guo Da Li

    Yes the groom's side rented 2 baskets for GDL. It was only right and proper to do that cos it is also more formal. GDL is a very formal occassion that shows the groom's sincerity and respect to the bride's family so I think it is only right. The bride's parents have raised her well for so many...
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    make up artist for mothers

    Can contact 96656848 or 84426184. Both are very reasonable priced!
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    Affordable MUAs?

    You can contact this number: 84426184 Or 96656848. They are 2 different people.
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    Advise for Guo Da Li

    Hi, I am a Dec 2013 bride and also am a hokkien marrying a teochew =) Hope this helps. I had my GDL last week. The groom's side presented the following items to my mum 1. 36 boxes of cakes (this number varys according to how many relatives you have) 2. 18 bottles of canned pig trotters (this...
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    Affordable MUAs?

    Hi all, I am looking for an affordable MUA to do hairdo only for my sisters (5 of them) on 20 Dec 2013. I am on a very tight budget and would appreciate if keen MUAs come forward and are willing to help. I found a very affordable MUA but as she is holding on a full time job, she is unable to...