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    Should I break off or continue to wait?

    so the guy is a bankrupt now or?
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    Should I break off or continue to wait?

    sound to me he is in debts..and cook up some story to tell u he become someone guarantor
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    Divorce but i cant find ways to solve my pros

    who cares abt in-law relationship once u annulled? dont tell me pple will still keep in contact? for what reasons?
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    Needed advice

    you got a choice to flirt with other man too. do back the same to him. see what his reaction. life is short. why make yourself unhappy?
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    Any recommendations for good and reasonable price for PI

    send us the link of the blog...looks juicy news..are u guys not staying together? u mentioned " He can even run out from his meeting to wait dwnstairs MY hs."
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    Need Advice

    not i helping Jaslyn, but since u say :" Hence I don't understand why your parents didn't think of arranging another day for reunion dinner. This will solve all problems isn't it? Then on the eve of cny, they will dine with their own sons plus daughters-in-law lor. So difficult to arrange meh?"...
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    Additional Info on Housing

    pathethic humans in a world of misery and self deception.
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    2nd give up or not?

    hi whyagain wake up. if a leopard can change its spots, the dead will rose up again. trust me. i bet my god damn life with u. knowing that u will forgive him everytime he cheats, he is taking advantage. i m being fooled tats y i m advicing u.
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    he like to do disappearing act? is he a magician? lol
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    Bank Loan after Marriage

    gillian, i think you own this company..advertising for service here? "Until now we still go the website and check out latest promotional home loan packages, guess what, our rate is still the best! :D" Notice the word 'OUR RATES' lol
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    Extramarital Affair: Truly in love with each other

    hi, sadly to say, the status of both of you are "underground lover". it's real pathethic knowing that you have to live your life everyday in fear of getting caught. dont' you agree? so why not both of you divorce your partner n be together?
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    Advice?! An affair...

    what is the point of having a moment of excitement? somemore its ur ex lover. it only proves that u can't get over the past . i dun believe in getting back once seperated after all.
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    Dating / marrying a Divorcee

    maybe lifes are real boring , thats why need excitement to spice up their life
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    Dating / marrying a Divorcee

    hi ee poh, from your post u mentioned u hooked up with a ex? and now ur husband is a divorcee with a 10 yr old kid. are u cheating on ur current husband?
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    Being stalked

    this stalker is so free. But what's the use of knowing who is at home? does he go and confront you? tell him you will report to police for harrassing. this will scare him off
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    so u n ur ex partner either one have to be the bad guy by declaring the other party refuse to consummate. but who cares anyway? the judge dun care either
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    Singapore turf club

    is TS checking on her husband finance?
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    In love with A married man ...

    mayb that woman will also curse ur son ? think it in this way. what goes round will come back to u. watch ur tounge n do more good deeds. otherwise u will rot in hell
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    In love with A married man ...

    if i am J, i will divorce u. no feelings as a human being. selfish b****
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    Life after divorce

    raise ur children well, prove that u can live better without him